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While still serving in the US Air Force one of the females I worked with at the local radio station was Crystal Rose. Quiet and shy normally, but a confident disc jockey on the radio and as most of the staff like me were volunteers we shared the duties though I preferred choosing the music and arranging the adverts to actually announcing though I did give the weather forecasts every thirty minutes. I,d worked off and on with Crystal for a few weeks, but outside of a joke or shared story we Didn,t really seem to gel till one day she was quite upset that her uncle had been killed in the USA in a… Read more

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Hung Brother in Law Cross Dresses to Seduce Me

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When I was married, I fucked my wife relentlessly. Whenever I got the opportunity. And when our marriage ended I was still somewhat friends with her older brother. I had known Stan for years before I ever met his sister. We were friends and had briefly been roommates. Although at the time I had no idea how much sexual activity had gone on regularly between different family members. One Christmas Stan came out of the closet during the Christmas holidays. We were all proud of him. Most of his friends weren't surprise… Read more

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Sex Holiday 3 - Caribbean Experience

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This is again only FANTASY It wasn’t long after we returned from Florida that the thought of the next year’s holiday came up. My wife still didn’t want to try any swinging outside of our main holiday time (afraid she might meet someone she knew if we tried it in the UK) but after the last 2 year’s holiday she said she loved the freedom she got for a week or so each year. The last 2 years had opened her up to naturism and being around naked people so she said that all future holidays had to have a naturist element. This of course made it more difficult, but not impossible. I found sev… Read more

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Part 3, Myself and Mike, Candice and Tarryn


Part 3, Myself and Mike, Candice and Tarryn. Friday After a naughty fun afternoon with my sister and Carry, my parents were soon home. We chatted a bit before all helping with dinner and tidying up before heading our separate ways. Carry and my sister were first in the lounge watching TV, where Mike and I joined for a while as we message Tarryn and Candice, finalizing plans for tomorrow. Even tho being open with my sister and Carry, Mike and I soon said good night, leaving the two girls to enjoy their company. Off too my room Mike and I went and while in bed him and I discussed how much fun i… Read more

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Fun with Friend's Dad

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This happened a year after I had my first experience with a guy. I was working at a company and had become good friends with a girl 'Taruna'. She invited me at her home for Lunch on a weekend when we had off at work. That was first time when I met her dad 'Joey'. He was quite handsome and fit looking for his age (around 47), wearing a shirt and shorts. I had gone ofcourse in male attire in a shirt and jeans. I felt attracted initially towards him with a weakness for elder guys, and I don't know it appeared like he was also at times checking me out. But I wasn't sure, and being a introvert guy… Read more

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The nightshift.

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I work shift work in a large industry. Sometimes on the night shift we run a skeleton crew. Five men tops. As the Foreman I get the guys to work and then basically have the rest of the night to myself. Sometimes I sleep,other times I'll go fishing or watch a movie. Not much exciting happens, but one night a new cleaner came in to clean the amenities. 5 foot 4, shapely body and pert little tits. Asian/ Sri Lankan descent,long dark hair and petite glasses for her light brown eyes. I was tired but seeing this gorgeous beauty I was awake and keen to engage. I said hello. She politely returned a… Read more

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Hereditary pain slut (e) A follow on from 220 by request The weekend passed in a haze of sex films snacks, more sex, food, drinks, and yet more sex the men taking turns at Sylvia. Binky`s period of drought vanishing under a monsoon of sex in all the positions they could think of, Tim getting alternate rides, with his wife, and each man making the most of recovery time to recharge their batteries , sylva however was kept busy throughout, if not in full sex, with fingering, while eating and drinking, in fact other than toilet breaks she had little rest, though they did all snatch a few hours i… Read more

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Dreadlock Holiday - Day 14

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Day 14 I was pleased as I woke up knowing this was our last day here before flying home tomorrow. I just couldn’t wait to get on that plane; if they said we could go today I would have gone at once. Sally woke not long after I did, she turned to me saying, “Morning Mark,” acting like nothing had happened last night. “You were a right dirty slut last night,” I told her without any malice. She giggled, “I know, but, my god, they were fucking good.” She was shameless. I got up showered, changed and left her lying in bed. I didn’t even give her the courtesy of a glance as I passed her as I ma… Read more

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PANTYHOSE PRINCESS It was autumn 1978, a Saturday in late October, and I was working at a Chevrolet dealership as a salesman. Our doors opened at 10:00 am. We usually didn’t get much in the way of foot traffic until close to 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays. At 10:30 a.m. those of us working noticed a shiny new 4-door Olds Ninety Eight Regency pull-up out front. “Hmm, someone with a couple of bucks” I thought. A middle-aged man exited from behind the wheel as the front passenger door opened and a pair of nylon and heel clad feet stepped onto the asphalt lot. A stunning young woman stepped out of the c… Read more

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Gloryhole at the horse track

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Its a rainy day today at the track. Not a lot of people are there but the races must go on. I turned 18 a few months ago and ever since my birthday party I had at the track ive been back every Sunday. Either im really good or lucky I have been winning left and right! Im honestly thinking about quiting my job and just coming here. I got here early like I always do and get some racing forms. I go to the restroom at the secluded part of the track and sit on the toilet where I do my best thinking. I smoked a fat blunt before I walked in so im high as fuck already. And I have a nice size flask in m… Read more

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A Surprise For My Husband


It was a quiet warm night in the middle of the summer as my husband sat shirtless on the couch focusing on his game with his headphones and virtual reality headset on. His dark curls twisting up around his gaming headset and his breathing slowed as he focused on a mythical world I couldn't see. Something about the energy in the air and how gorgeous he looked as he relaxed after a long hard day had me feeling horny and my panties were so subtly getting wet. Quietly I slipped off my jeans and t-shirt standing in the doorway in nothing but my lace bra and panties feeling the warm summer air brush… Read more

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Online “friend”


I broke down and finally messaged a “friend” from an online fetish site. I was very nervous having never done anything like that before. I had a very particular fantasy I wanted to indulge and thought this was the best way. “As you might already know I want to make your fantasies come true, so what are your fantasies?” She replied back. “I … well … one of my favorite videos is ‘babes balling boys’ and I well …” I stammered out. She said, “I’m familiar and you’re in luck because it is one of my favourites. That is what excites you isn’t it? Girls with strapons right?” I replied back, yes.… Read more

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Revealed & Almost Fulfilled


"You know we have spent a lot of time discussing my fantasies but no time at all talking about yours...." She waited for a reply with raised eyebrows. I cleared my throat and rubbed my chin stalling for time because I was debating just how honest I should be. "Honey, stop spacing out and talk to me." She pleasantly implored. "What would you like to know?" I finally replied. "Well for starters what's your fantasy?" She asked. "I have fantasies like a lot of guys, you know." I answered evasively. "I know - like doing two women?" She smiled. "Well yes (I nodded), then there is one fanta… Read more

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Blindfolded and Kneeling

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This was an amazing experience my boyfriend and I had one afternoon when we both had the day off. We decided to head off to a local swingers club and see if we could have a bit of fun even though it was probably quiet. When we got there, we saw one couple and about 7 or 8 single men sitting in the lounge in various states of undress, men wearing towels around semi-hard cocks and the only woman there the centre of their attention. She was sat wearing hold up stockings, a see through teddy and pretty much nothing else. To be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention and only managed to mumble… Read more

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The Cuckold Beta Definition

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What is a beta male? For our sake, a beta male is usually someone with a small penis and lets this bother them and fester with them. This causes them to feel shy and inadequate around women and other men who appear confident and cocky. A beta male is the type of submissive who is submissive because it is all he deserves. He may have a desire to be useful and to be of service, but it does not drive his submission. His submission is driven by a desire to be humiliated and to be used (different then useful). A beta male does not deserve to have relationships with women in which normal sexual act… Read more

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The Passenger Seat - Chapters 6 and 7 (Ice and Spo


ICE TARA RETURNED from her walk to find Amy planting flowers in her flowerbeds. Tara waved and headed toward Amy’s house to visit her new friend. “Looking good!” Tara called as she walked up Amy’s driveway. “Why thank you,” Amy said, dramatically brushing her hair away from her dirt-smudged face. “I figure if Adam likes the dirty librarian look, the dirty gardener is bound to send him over the edge,” she joked. Amy paused briefly, and then feigned confusion. “Oh, you were referring to my flowerbeds?” She laughed good-naturedly at her own joke. The two women made small talk for a… Read more

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Are you a fag? I am.

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It's quite common for a person to fantasize about same-sex intercourse. In fact, many psychologists have theorized that we are all bisexual to a certain degree, the percentages varying from person to person. Have you ever asked yourself Am I gay? or Am I bisexual? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are in stages, just follow along and continue when prompted to find out just how gay you really are. STAGE 1 ======= 1. Do you like shemale pornography? (y/n) 2. When you watch straight pornography, do you prefer videos of handjobs and blowjobs over videos of ordinary intercourse? (y/n) 3… Read more

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Young Girls Skipping School

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Young Girls Skipping School It was late morning as I finished cleaning the house. Largely deserted during the days with Dad at work and my little sister at school, I rarely bothered getting out of my nighty to pick up and vacuum. I enjoyed seeing my breasts bouncing around in the mirrors along the wall as I headed down the hallway to Dad's area of the house smiling to myself thinking what would happen if he would see me looking like this. I was sweating from cleaning but my panties were damp at the thought of Daddy catching me so scantily dressed like this. As I pushed open the family room d… Read more

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Helping a Black Friend BJ Gay

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I posted an article on some Yahoo sites, asking questions about the apparent disparity between our fantasies and the realities that I observed, and I got responses from quite a few black men who gave me some good advice, especially about my interest in the topic of white men sucking mature, black men's cocks. They said one problem was that black men did not like being objectified in that way, and would be very unlikely to respond to blatant requests for sex. That made sense to me, because everyone deserves respect for who they are as a person, and not just some perceived physical attribute. A… Read more

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Under her desk


You arrive at her office and take the elevator up. She meets you in the hallway. She has on a gray business skirt and blouse that accentuates her curves and boobs. You marvel silently and wish you could reach down and adjust to prepare for your inevitable erection. She greets you professionally, not wanting to display any kind of unprofessional behavior to her co-workers. You follow her to her office. You're meeting her for a lunch date and this week two of your dating her. You enter her office and she shuts the door behind her, walks past you, and goes to her desk. She sits down and looks at… Read more

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