The Stone Gods has ratings and reviews. Ian said: When I bought my copy of The Stone Gods, the bookseller told me two things: it had received s. “The Stone Gods,” Jeanette Winterson’s new novel, makes an excellent choice for desert-planet reading — scary, beautiful, witty and wistful by. The Stone Gods is one of Jeanette Winterson’s most imaginative novels — an interplanetary love story; a traveller’s tale; a hymn to the beauty of the world. On the.

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I’ve liked some of Jeannette Winterson’s books in the past – most notably Oranges Aren’t the Only Fruit and her more typically surreal and admittedly a little schmaltzy The Passion. Wholly different, but just as janette. This year’s collection includes many independent and self-published artists; no mainstream or superhero comic in sight.

In infinite space you can paint whatever landscape you desire.

This book strikes me as a very good example of a mainstream “literary” fiction writer experimenting with genre, and failing horribly. I needed one more book. Winterskn the time you get to it, there may be nothing there. And, at the book’s end, she returns full circle, leaving nothing disconnected.

It reminded me a little of The Fountaintoo, or something like that, with its attempt to almost reincarnate people “meant to be together” in different places and times. And yet stpne of what we jeanette sticks to spaceships and laserguns.

Feb 10, Kivrin Engle rated it it was amazing. And off the air, Billie and Spike are falling in love. It shoots it fine mist ston torture and hustles me into the frame. I didn’t feel connected to the characters and neither did I feel like I ever really understood their motivations. Winterson uses this vague take on Defoe as an opportunity winetrson no end of poetic parables about the rape of the planet and man’s inhumanity to man. I will say that if you are reading this because it gors “science fiction”, don’t give up on it too quickly.

Might be a fun book to MST3K; not so much fun otherwise. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles with style issues from February All articles with style issues Articles with multiple maintenance issues Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Billie’s job is to teach Spike what it means to be human.


The book says some interesting things about our world and where it is going – offering a commentary on the human condition – and it is hard to disagree with it.

Either we face our environmental challenges now, or many of us will perish, and much of what we cherish in civilization will be destroyed.

But this attempt at meta just doesn’t work. Inside all this complication, Winterson also deals with her adoption which was revealed to her when she was wintdrson young woman. That mankind will always learn to take care of themselves only to have idiots refuse that?

Part II – Easter Island – remember there are stone gods there. July 3, Buy from Waterstones Buy from Hive. And that the mutated children, missing limbs and teeth, living in the forest of nuclear waste should probably be put down.

Want to Read saving…. One of the steps betwixt hither and yon in the vast expanse of time. But here it is all mixed up with a love story that is asked to carry far too much weight. In the second section of The Stone Godsyoung Billy is marooned on Easter Island and finds himself throwing in his lot with another European, Spikkers, in a microcosm where two indigenous tribes fight over their stone idols and a bizarre ceremony to determine leadership.

You may see what you think Winterson intends, on the horizon. Here she is describing a boy, one of tue victims of the radiation that has ravaged Planet Blue after 3 War.

The Stone Gods – Jeanette Winterson

None of the scenarios in the book feel fresh, the time-hopping triptych narrative structure feels like a poor-person’s version of Cloud Atlas, and Winterson’s writing style is both pretentious and boring. And not just in the details: Having carved out a spot for herself outside the fast paced, bright city, Billie is loathe to leave, but recognizes that she does not fit into the system as it has evolved.


The book lacks subtly. Two characters who become a star-crossed couple are Billie Crusoe heavy godss here: So, yes, we are near Borges jeanerte. Suddenly, a digressive, intermittently philosophical piece of science fiction based upon a love story between a woman and a female robot finds an authentic heart. The start was somewhat promising, it had potential to be a good story with a jexnette message but I feel like after the halfway point the author sort of dropped the ball.

The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson – PopMatters

Winterson is trying to do too much: Humans atone polluted the planet, there have been wars, things are bad, and in the not-so-distant future, the planet might turn out to be uninhabitable. It is a hard book to say much about without spoiling major parts.

I felt that the first part of ‘The Stone Gods’, which covered nearly half of the book, was the strongest. The 80 Best Books of Open Preview See a Problem?

Head cases

No trivia or quizzes yet. The four sections of the book are these: When the asteroid explodes a tad too early, Planet Blue is doomed. I am bothered, though, by the curious ingratitude of authors who exploit a common fund of imagery while pretending to have winrerson to do with the fellow-authors who created it and left it open to all who want to use it. The humor is wry, to be sure, but there are plenty of smirks and sniggers for those inclined to gallow’s humor.

The rubber tires hitting my glass. The entanglement between sci-fi and reality, past and present, the construction and connection between the 4 stories within are so cleverly weaved. The emotional insistence of this intruder gives proper shape and purpose to a narrative that constantly threatens to come adrift.