Hydrotropic Solubilization. Priyanka Arjaria1, Manoj Goyal2, Suman Jain3. 1Shri Ram College of pharmacy,Banmore,Morena, India, 2IPS College of pharmacy. Purpose. This study examines the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization using the riboflavin-nicotinamide system. The most commonly proposed mechanism. On the other hand, planarity of the hydrophobic part has been emphasized as an important factor in the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization. Solute consists.

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A hydrotrope is a compound that solubilises hydrophobic compounds in aqueous solutions by means other than micellar solubilization. Quantitative spectrophotometric estimation of cefadroxil using hydrotropic solubilization technique. The term hydrotropy was originally put forward by Carl Neuberg [1] to describe the increase in the solubility of a solute by the addition of fairly high concentrations of alkali metal salts of various organic acids.

SD was evaluated for dissolution rate and a marked increase in dissolution rate was observed with SD. Typically, hydrotropes consist of a hydrophilic part and a hydrophobic part like surfactants but the hydrophobic part is generally too small to cause spontaneous self-aggregation. Solubility Enhancement of Norfloxacin by Hydrotropy Technique. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. Solubility is one of the important parameter to achieve desired concentration of drug in systemic circulation for pharmacological response to be shown[2].

Hydrotropic solubilization is one solubilizatikn those techniques wherein addition of large amount of second solute increases aqueous solubility of another solute. Aliquots of filtrate obtained were diluted with suitable quantity of required solvent and analyzed using UV spectrophotometer at nm. All other chemicals and solvents used were of analytical grade. The solubility of pure lornoxicam in distilled water was found to be 0. Hydrotropic solubilization of nimesulide for parenteral administration.

The solutions were filtered through Whatman filter paper No. Hydrochlorothiazide shows maximum absorbance at nm.


Effect of a mixture of caffeine and nicotinamide on the solubility of vitamin B 2 in aqueous solution. Intermediate precision study expresses variation within laboratory conditions in different days. Simple titrimetric method to estimate ketoprofen in bulk using mixed hydrotropy. Indian Pharmacist ; 5: International Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Sciences ; 2 1: Kumar, murali krishna[26]in the solubilozation investigation, hydrotropic solution of ibuprofen sodium 0.


Drug content was estimated and percent recovery was calculated using the following formula.


These descriptive terms are listed in Table 1. Accuracy and reproducibility of the proposed method were further confirmed by recovery studies. The authors are grateful to Department of Pharmaceutics, Swami Vivekanand College of Pharmacy for providing the facilities to perform research work and they also declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Retrieved from ” https: There are many techniques which are used to enhance the aqueous solubility. Formerly, several techniques have been developed to enhance the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs such as complexation, cosolvency, emulsions, liposomes, particle size reduction, solid state alteration, solid dispersions, prodrugs, salt formation, polymeric micelles, etc.

It is then neutralized with a base. Therapeutic response of drug as well bioavailability can be limited by poor aqueous solubility of drugs. Hydrotropes such as sodium benzoate, sodium salicylate, niacinamide, sodium hydroxide, sodium citrate, PEGpolyvinyl alcohol, and urea have been employed to enhance the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs [ 3 ]. View at Google Scholar T. Hence the results reveal that the sample refers to Lumefantrine structure.

The standard deviation, coefficient of variance CVand standard error were calculated for the drug. Preparation of dry syrups for reconstitution of poorly water-soluble drugs. Hydrotropy is defined as a solubilisation process whereby addition of a large amount of second solute results in an increase in the aqueous solubility of another solute and the chemicals which are used in hydrotropy are called hydrotropes.

About 20 mg of drug was accurately weighed and dissolved in ml of methanol R by sonication for about 15 minutes. After 24 hrs equilibrium was attained and the samples were filtered through Whatman filter paper No. Sodium benzoate is cheaper than most of the organic solvents and thus may be a better substitute for expensive organic solvents that are used in routine analysis of pharmaceuticals.


Novel spectrophotometric estimation of frusemide using hydrotropic solubilization phenomenon. Hydrotropes are in use industrially. Solid dispersion and syrup formulation of poorly water-soluble drug by hydrotropy. All the peaks values were found to be near the standard values to confirm the purity of the drug molecule.


It can be concluded that the concept of hydrotropic solubilization technique is novel, safe, eco-friendly and economic for enhancing bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs. Hydrotropic solubilization is one such method [ 1 ]. The results of qualitative solubility of Lumefantrine solubilizatioj various solvents were reported in Table 3.

The use of hydrotropy to give fast release of poorly water-soluble drugs from the suppositories. It is used in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; and in treatment of postoperative pain and primary dysmenorrhoea.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Science ; 2 1: View at Google Scholar Y. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Hydrotropy enhances solubility of drug by many folds with use of hydrotropes like sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, silubilization, niacinamide etc.

Instead, some hydrotropes aggregate in a step-wise self-aggregation process, gradually increasing aggregation size. Indian Pharmacopoeia, Goverment of India ministry of health and family Welfare. In present scenario this method is getting lot of values and may solubilizatioon proved the best method in future.

Quantitative estimations of poorly watersoluble drugs by UV-Visible spectrophotometric analysis precluding the use of organic solvents.