hMailServer Step by Step Installation Guide-Free SMTP server for Microsoft articles, examples,C# Articles,c# Examples,, C#. A thorough step by step guide on installing hMailServer and setting it up on your home computer. hMailServer, an open source e-Mail server for Microsoft Windows. This part of the lab describes the steps for installing the hMailServer and then guides you.

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Expand Protocols and select protocols that you would like to use. We are nothing without our users! Every hMailServer domain should be connected to an internet domain. In most cases where users report problems with hMailServer installation and configuration, the problem is not in the hMailServer hmaislerver but with network settings, firewalls, DNS configuration and other external software. Click on the Delivery of e-mail tab.

hMailServer documentation

I did fuide for mine and here is what it looks like Auto-ban will ban spammers but also can ban legit IP addresses, so be aware of that. Say that you’re the owner of the domain something. Style GridView and Pager with custom css in simple steps. Double-click on the “localhost” host name to connect to the hMailServer instance running on localhost. That would result in an infinite loop. Donot forget to add your valuable comments.

How to: Install hMailServer | IT Blog

If you can connect, port 25 is not blocked; if you can’t, port 25 is blocked. Advanced — set first and last name for account, manage folders, empty account or unlock it if it is locked. Forwarding — forward email to another account Signature — define signature for outgoing email.

Under host nameenter the public hostname of the computer where hMailServer is running. Hmailsedver is very good article on this topic on official web — https: Be sure to contact me if you have suggestions about hMailServers or maybe see a mistake in this article.

This dialog allows you to connect to different hMailServer services. The next step is to add accounts to your server.


How to Set Up hMailServer?

The final step in this basic configuration of your email server is hmailsserver important — we want to ensure it hmsilserver not an open relay. Click on Finish to Launch hMailServer administrator tool. If you have specified MB, the total size of all messages in the domain will not exceed MB.

Since outgoing traffic on port 25 is required for email to work properly, you either need to convince your ISP to open up port 25 for you if it’s not openor you need to configure hMailServer to forward all email through your ISP’s email server.

Since there is no good way for software to automatically detect the public host name of the computer where it is running, you need to tell guie what public hostname to use. If you are unsure about how hMailServer works, you should read this page before configuring the server. Check server checkbox and administrative tools. Some internet service providers the people that offer guids the internet connection block outgoing traffic on port I did setup for mine and here is what it looks like.

How to Set Up hMailServer?

To determine whether port 25 is blocked, try typing telnet mail. You can help us offer even more high quality content.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Enter password which you have entered during installation.

For this tutorial I will use localhost. If you would like to have your domain registration and DNS under control there is good and simple solution via DynDNS, and I can cover bmailserver topic if there is need. Styling radiobuttons and checkboxes in asp. Also, you should leave this field empty if your ISP is not blocking port Local host name field — do not enter localhost IP address This password is used to login to hMailServer Administrator tools.

If the limit is reached, the account will not be able to receive any more email. Number of accounts, aliases and distribution lists Using these settings, you can limit the number of accounts, hmaulserver and distribution lists server administrators and domain owners can create in this domain. Maximum size MB If this value has been specified is not 0the system administrator and the domain owner will be prevented from adding accounts so that the total size of all accounts exceeds this value.


Dynamically add meta tags in Asp. Auto-ban will ban spammers but also can ban legit IP addresses, so be aware of that. There are many options to configure for every user, but this is basic configuration.

In the SMTP Relayer field, enter the host name of your ISP’s email server, along with your credentials on that server in case it demands authentication. In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to setup hMailServer to send emails from our local computer. Best solution for this nmailserver to whitelist IP addresses you access your email from, this works for me in the production environment.

Click Save The next step is to add accounts to your server.

Do not modify them unless you are absolutely sure what you want to achieve using IP ranges, and how to achieve it. Maximum size of accounts MB If this value has been specified is not 0the server administrator and the domain owner will be prevented from adding accounts with a total size larger than this value.

How to Join tables and return result into view using Asp. I have also antivirus in place which scans my mail data folders and does nice job. Double click the downoladed setup file to run the setup. For example, you can use the IP ranges to configure hMailServer such that only computers in your local network are allowed to use the server to send email.

Of course there are other solutions like Office and mail hosting, but maybe you like to have things under your control.