Considered one of the truly great French writers of the nineteenth century, famed poet and novelist Alfred de Musset once decided (as great French writers are. Gamiani, Or Two Nights Of Excess by Alfred De Musset, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. None of them came close to the outrageous and unquenchable needs portrayed with knowing horror in de Musset’s Gamiani. One character.

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His mother was similarly accomplished, and her role as a society hostess, – for example her drawing-room parties, luncheons, and dinners, held in the Musset residence – left a lasting impression on young Alfred. This was the first time I have ever read 19th Century French literature if it can be called that but it certainly won’t be the last.

Rather, de Musset draws a powerful but gamiami unsettling picture of disillusionment with the power of love to provide meaning for sexual desire.

These demands were rejected by German songs and poems, including Nikolaus Becker’s Rheinlied, which contained the verse: He has a great style in writing, and once you read on of his works, you cannot leave it until finished.

One symptom that had gaiani noticed by his brother was a bobbing of the head as a result of the amplification of the mussrt this was later called de Musset’s sign. Part of the so erotic fiction written in the 19th century.

Gamiani, Or Two Nights Of Excess

Fanny, however, has had a taste of something both delicious and reprehensible musste cannot be satisfied by a more sedate life with Alcide. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He was however appointed librarian of the Ministry of Public Instruction in Alfred de Musset is one of my favorite novelist and poets. Well-written, erotic, and an astonishingly sympathetic view of lesbian sex. Views Read Edit View history.


However, you would not know any of this from my Edition, a second-hand copy of its inclusion in the Erotic Prints Society’s ‘Scarlet Library’ which has no introduction, notes or bibiliography. Written init is virulently anti-church. While certain acts in mussey story were difficult to read comfortably, I must say that Baxter’s translation is beautiful.

Gamiani Musset Alfred De | eBay

Nina Schmidt rated it liked it Oct 14, Sep 26, Jesse rated it liked it. While reading Gamianiit definitely helps if you know a little about Musse authors Alfred de Musset and George Sand and their short affair. Reputedly inspired by the debauched history of Musset’s former lover – the irrepressible George Sand – it is the classic erotic story of one man, two women Considered one of the truly great French writers of the nineteenth century, famed poet and novelist Alfred de Musset once decided as great French writers are wont to do to try his hand at erotic fiction.

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Having watched them and provoked by their abandonment, he reveals himself, joins them, and they spend the night alternately sharing their intimate histories and their bodies. The book is interesting for two reasons 1 supposedly Alfred fancied the female author and bi-sexual George Sand Baroness Dudevant on whom the countess may be based.

Well written but ultimately soul-less. Although Gamiani is deftly translated and nicely packaged, I found it distasteful and disturbing rather than arousing. He is not disappointed as Gamiani soon comes up with the shy fifteen-year old Fanny and proceeds to debauch her.

Aug 16, Karmen rated it liked it Shelves: About Alfred de Musset. A poet, playwright, and novelist, he was also a sensitive and physically fragile young man who obsessed over the outrageous authoress George Sand, a woman known for collecting sensitive and physically fragile young artists. Isana Amed rated it really liked it Sep 02, Addie Cole rated it really liked it May 23, Scorn and skepticism, complacency and amusement, suspicion and disdain… gamiahi lie within its purview.


Gamiani is a gamoani Sadean quasi-Gothic erotic novel of the s which has been attributed, although not certainly, to Alfred De Musset and which even reached the hands of Edith Wharton no less.

Gamlani to Read saving…. Sep 11, Alaina rated it really liked it Shelves: The glorious mysset was Gamiania classic tale of sensual pleasure and sexual excess. By the time he reached the age of 20, his rising literary fame was already accompanied by a sulphurous reputation fed by his dandy side.

Oxford University Press US. Oct 12, Raya rated it really liked it. Overly erotic for the duration, the tale encompasses two nights of passion between two women and a man and, during that time, they tell the stories of their first times What did I just read?

Modeled after George Sand, this work gives us a young man named Alcide observing the Countess Gamiani and a young girl named Fanny, engaged in their lesbian bed. The evening climaxes aha! What that Edition does have is excellent erotic illustrations by Vania Zouravliov. Apr 27, Octavio rated it liked it Shelves: Alcide, ever the Peeping Tom, watches again from a hole in the wall.