Compact FTR Mini-Manual. Size, x8 inches. Twelve high-quality laminated pages, loaded with detailed instructions covering all aspects of operating. FTR/E Technical Supplement Dual Band FM Transceiver FTR/E Technical Supplement Introduction This manual provides technical. Yaesu FTR Amateur Transceiver. #, Nifty Mini Manual, MINI MANUAL, Nifty spiral bound mini-manual contains 12 laminated pages [ x 8 inch].

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Memory Only Mode 3. Use the following procedure to mwnual the Set Menu mode: As with all of the recent Yaesu radios, there is a big difference as to what you will get if you hold the button too long, or not long enough. The number flashing will be the next available empty memory slot. The scanner will only scan channels that are flagged Preferential Scan List.

The number of steps to program one memory may seem excessive, but you will quickly become adept at 790r them out very speedily once you get used mannual the system.

Consult your Yaesu dealer for details regarding these and any newly-available options Connection of any non-Yaesu- approved accessory, should it cause damage, may void the Limited Warranty on this appa- ratus.

If you have trouble getting your FTR to respond correctly during packet operation, check to be certain that you do not have Menu 26 PKT. Arts Polling Time Options see above. Page 19 Press or hold in either of these f to tune or scan up or down the operating frequency or through the memory channels.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions; 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 this device must accept any interference including received, interference that may cause undesired operation.


Clockwise rotation of the DIAL knob causes the FTR to be tuned toward a higher frequency, while counter-clockwise rotation will lower the operating frequency. Adjust main dial to get receive frequency 3. The computer program and cable available for these rigs is very nice, but if you pay attention and work carefully, you should be able to program this radio with 60 memories in less than 1 hour.

In many ways, these buttons emulate the function of the rotary DIAL knob. FM carrier in order to activate the repeater. Page 59 4. Just edit this element to add your own HTML. Enter the transmit and receive fre- quencies separately, as shown on page Push the button down and hold until the function you are looking for pops up on the display.

YAESU FTR SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Regular Memory Channel Operation 4. Rotate main dial to select tone frequency. I suggest you make out a list of the repeaters and simplex frequencies you wish mahual program along with the tones needed.

Menu 42 [ SQL. Other external speakers may mahual used with the FTR, if they present the specified 8-Ohm impedance and are capable of handling the 2 Watts of audio output supplied by the FTR. This helps prevent false activation of the repeater by radar or spurious signals from other transmitters. Repeat above ct as needed to load each memory.

While the MHz shift will be kHz; on 70 cm, the shift may be 1. To disable the Internet link feature, press the [ L ] key again. Selects the Memory Scan channel-selection mode. When this happens, it may be that the other station is not sending any tone. It may be used for configuration of a wide variety of transceiver parameters, some of which manial not been detailed previously.


Depends on the band of operation. A memory will flash in upper left of display.

Some accessories are supplied as standard per local requirements, while others may be unavailable in some regions. Miscellaneous Settings the default selection.

Yaesu FT-7900R Mini-Manual

These safety tips apply to any device installed in a well-designed amateur radio station. Rear Panel Connections 10 Amperes continuous duty. The antenna or a 50 Ohm dummy load should be connected whenever the transceiver is turned on, to avoid damage that could otherwise result if trans- f occurs accidentally without an antenna.

The brightness of the display is manually adjustable, using the following procedure: Press and hold in the [ S. These power levels will be stored, in memory registers, at the time of memory storage see page 32 for details on Memory operation. Enter text from picture: Menu 15 [ EDG. Page 30 FM carrier in order to nanual the repeater. Wx Priority WX Priority 1.

Do not install the transceiver on top of another heat-generating device such as a power supply or amplifierand do not place equipment, books, or papers on top of the FTR. Menu 6 [ CLK. Page 61 to establish the link to the Internet link repeater. Page 70 Selects or disables the VFO band edge limiting for the current band. Shifting of CPU clock frequency. These DTMF Autodialer memories can store up to 16 digits of a telephone number for repeater autopatch or other uses.