FERROLI WFL4+P7 PELLET ΤΑΞΙΑΡΩΝ. By – Ποιότητα & Οικονομία · Updated about 5 years ago · Taken in περιστερι · Already tagged. Gorilec na pelete Ferroli z visokim učinkom in omejenimi emisijami za kotle na trda goriva razreda 3 EN , zanesljiv, enostaven za uporabo in vzdrževanje.

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Do You think that it can be possible to muve that damn display on some more convenient place? For the smoke problem see answer given to Safari.

It operates in manual mode, with power freroli 3 or 4. A02 and F02 refer mostly to the light senzor: Everything is pretty much clear including ashtray, light sensor, pipes, holes … everything. Power settings should be so that power level 1 is the smallest power and power level 5 is the highest you can actually set them anyway you want from the menu but for modulation they should be in ascending order, that is fan speed seeting and pelet quantity should increase from power level 1 to power level 5.

Derroli that each of the 5 power levels are working, without modulation. Mine is around and the max i got was We did think that perhaps the fan had been p77 incorrectly ie wired up wrong but upon further research today, that does not seem likely.

When we had our wood burning boiler it was murder when the wind was blowing, the garage was forever filled with smoke and the Vedetta has cured this problem, and now with the new Ferroli the house is toasty warm.

  IC LA7840 PDF

The pellets of poor quality p easy to identify: So, I have to feed it every dey, or level it by hand.

During this time only the fan works. Hi, Nice explanation of operation, thanks!!!

Or the motor of the fan? Couple weeks ago the burner changed. Interestingly, after this moment, the pellets would slowly burn almost completely from the grille. I think its not only put to hot. I keep having problems with pellets.

The pp7 has 5 power settings u Me again udo spune, yes I tried olive cores.

BRULEUR a Pellet FERROLI Sun P7 | eBay

Check that the power levels increase in power from parameter set 1 power level 1 to parameter set 5 power level 5. I will be back soon with more info!!

Maybe I make a fundamental mistake I am not aware. I only want to increase first pellet load up. The first menu is accessed by holding down the M button 5 seconds until the first parameter blinks on the screen.


The price is exactly half of cheapest one bulgarian that I can find here. Could you please explain how modulation mode exactly works? You should clean the light sensor and the heating element: If you can-want to do something like that, please let me know, you know my email. Ho solo usato questo bruciatore. It helped me big time! Ferrroli Safari, nice to see you found the problem. What can be done? The problem is when hot water is consumed, the temperature will drop very quickly and the burner will not raise up the temperature fast enough.


Thanks Drona for the fast response, my parameters are; 18 is 2 is I guess that means that burner always works on power level 1?

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix. – Jurnal

My question is, did you or anyone else maneged to get to reset this burner remotely with thermostat or some other device. Maybe the draft is bigger then 51 Pa and this mess the automatic?

The parameters are modified in the same way like on ;7 first menu: There are burners with a different design that are not so sensible to pellet quality.

It should switch from one power lever to the next. I have seen in manual that there are pins number 9 and 10 E and D on the burner, that give blocking signal and burner deblocade function switch. The burner was getting blocked all the time because the initial quantity of pellets before ignition was too big.

Another words, how could I know at which power level my burner works at a certain point.