The EC help provides an easy access to the information related to the use of Keysight EC Network Analyzer. Pressing Help key on the front panel. EB/EB, please see the Programming Manual. • Installation and Quick Start Guide (Part Number: Ex1, attached to optional ABA). This manual . The EC complies with INSTALLATION CATEGORY II as well as The Service Manual is a guide to servicing the EC ENA Series Network Analyzer .

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Turn the key to the left until it is locked. Test and Measurement Call Center tel 1 fax 1 Canada: In this case, follow the instruction to return to the previous registration screen.

Turn the key to the right until it is locked. A warning message is displayed. The mark x appears also on the upper right, lower e5071, and lower right. After several seconds, the next screen appears automatically even if you do not press any key, so do not miss it. Push the button under the lock and remove the hard disk.

Click Open to start the calibration measurement. If the hard disk mannual and has been replaced after purchase, the state when the replacement was performed is recovered. The procedure consists of the following items.

A progress bar appears Figure indicating the progress of the Recovery Image setup. A message box appears after the completion of recovery process. Click Select Ports, then select the test ports on which you will perform full 2-port calibration. Select the C drive, then click Next button. After a while, the EC restart automatically. The manual part number changes when extensive technical changes are incorporated. Click OK to proceed. Click Port x Short to start the calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected.


Minor corrections and updates that are incorporated at reprint do not cause the date to change. To avoid injuries, always disconnect the power and discharge circuits before touching them. Dangerous Procedure Warnings – ,anual, such as the example below, precede potentially dangerous procedures throughout this manual. Turn on the EC. Figure 3 Item 3: Instructions contained in the warnings must be followed.

If an isolation calibration must be performed using a LOAD standard, follow the procedure below. Turns on the EC. To use this function, you must create the user backup image in advance.

If the name label of the calibration kit has been changed, the label is displayed as the soft key. Replacement Procedure Step 1.

Test and Measurement Call Center tel 1 fax 1 China: All rights are reserved. Connect the keyboard to the EC. Open the screw in clockwise direction. The recovery takes a few minutes depending on the amount of data. If the connector type of the standard of the calibration kit you use has polarity the distinction between male and femaleyou need to change the standard class definition of the calibration kit depending on the standard you actually use.


Under certain conditions, dangerous voltage levels may remain even after the power cable has been disconnected. In-position of push-button switch. Remove the two stickers item 1.

Atec Agilent-E5071C User Manual

Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified maintenance personnel. Right click and select Unistall for both the COM1 ports. Press 1, and then press Enter. This calibration makes it possible to perform measurements with the highest possible accuracy. The Confirm Device Removal message box appears. You need to execute initial registration again.

Click Port x-y Isol to start the calibration measurement x and y denote the port numbers to which the LOAD standard is connected. Touch the x mark on the upper left with your finger.

Turn the screw in anti-clockwise direction until it is locked.

Atec Agilent-EC User Manual | 60 pages

Click Port x Load to start the calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected. For more information, see Modifying Calibration Kit Definition.

Click Port x Open to start e571c calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected. NOTE With no operation on the touch screen calibration screen for a preset time, it automatically closes and the previous measurement screen reappears.