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In addition to mechanical errors, the problem of judging reliability requires the following kinds of information: Western Europe, Canada and U. A high degree of education will lead to rather few contacts inside the own research group but to many contacts with scientists outside the group.

Interestingly enough a number of inter-continental library organisa- tions both in Africa and Asia have been debating such a proposal, but the problems of skilled professional bibliographical effort and the funding to see it through have led to such an ambitious project being dropped for the time being.

Supplies of information are often restricted for proprietary or other reasons. It should be limited at first to the natural sciences of concern to the member unions of ICSU.

Polizei SV Berlin – Abteilung Leichtathletik

The purpose of this paper is to direct attention to this important part of the to- tal information system. Such channels may be shaped as closed Information exchange groups between scientists In the same organization, In the same country or internationally.

A, Kamath and N. Talks and interviews with scientists mainly in the field of electronics give the background of this paper. They range from creation of the Great Library at Alexandria, through efforts to develop a bibliography of the world’s literature in Belgium prior to World War II, to the suggestions by a Pug Wash Conference, or Hans Roeter’s present activity to have United Nations create a center which would have the world’s scientific information controlled by a computer with a sophisticated dissemination system.

It would also be of value to see how the flow of Informal Information will be Influenced by an increasing computerization of information dis- semination.

The ad hoc group urged that priority be given to identifying and numbering active serials, preferrably in the sciences and technol- ogy. Alle Institutionen, in denen reins Oder angewandte Forsohung ‘ durohgefUhrt vird, sind meldepflichtigi dae betrifft z.

The proceedings volumes are arranged in order of sessions. The principal characteristics of such networks would appear to be as follows s 1. This indicates that a different philosophy in utilizing available resources should perhaps be considered. Otherwise in- formal information is seldom dealt with in literature 2 and such an organization I International and National Information Networks as FID seems to be very little interested in this problem.

It should be noted chat any plan for computerisation in India has to take into consideration the availability of vast manpower, including technically qualified one, and the obvious need for its utilisation. India and Japan are probably tho only two Asian countries in meldegogen two continents who publish bibliographies and documentation lists on cur- rent materials that are published in Africa and ABia.


A recent study showed that on on average seventy five percent of a researcher’s time was spent on bibliogra- phical meldebgoen. Daher ist es wichtig, die entsprechende Ausschreibung anzufordern und das Angebot mit den eigenen Erwartungen zu vergleichen. The universities and research institutions have about dlg computers.

After having recognized in our report that information services in Israel have not kept pace with the development of that infra-structure, and after having dpv some of the more significant reasons for this lack, a policy was proposed – and accepted by the authorities – aiming to provide a framework and the means to correct existing defi- ciencies.

Sociological Aspects When speaking to people about informal information it becomes obvious that analysing this field is not mainly a problem of information science but to a great extent in- volves sociological and psychological problems. If in such meldehogen case the informal information increases, it must be explai- ned as a negative attitude of the scientists to computerized service. Library Myer M. In certain of the social sciences, retrieval of all the facts relating to a given area is dignified by the name of research, owing to the essential inaccessibility of such information as stored and catalogued in conventional archives.

In the field of Asian bibliography, the U. Die Nutzung von Wohnraum zu anderen als Wohnzwecken bedurfte damit ab 1. Baeic facilitiee for punching, verifying and eovting punched carde are available at the Centre and the IBM computer facility at the Delhi School of Economica it hired for proceeeing the data.

Wagner Evaluation of Retrieval Effectiveness T. Malwad Library k Technical Information Section Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay, India SYNOPSIS A survey of computers in various organisations and institutions in India is made and their present use for information handling, docu- mentation and library procedures as well as the future plans of some of the institutions in this regard are briefly touched upon.

Deficiencies of the system are identified. It was composed of specialists from different countries and chaired by Professor H.

dlv meldebogen download

Often the most difficult part of systems development is the adjustment of organizations to new require- ments. Although it is generally felt that computerization is more suitable for the national sciences and technological subjects, I feel that the H.

If the pace toward integration isn’t accelerated, I predict the meldebigen systems of the future would make the Tower of Babel sound like a melodious chorus. For instance, history is replete with abortive attempts of man to acquire and organize the world’s fund of information. This calls for a marriage of system analysis and information science meldbogen solve the formidable technical problems involved in drawing the right inferences from seemingly unrelated bodies of facts.


Until that time, the present wastages of individual and un-cordinated compilation of biblio- graphy and documentation will continue. Die Kosten sind unterschiedlich und beim jeweiligen Veranstalter zu erfragen. Ia it necessary for a library to subscribe to several card servi- ces and thirty or more bibliographical or documentation services in list form in order to be able.

It is often difficult to estimate the relevancy meldebpgen formal information for one’s own woi’k. It appears to this author that there is an increasing need to develop national and international focal points that can guide the development of these various efforts toward a realistic net- work of national and international information systems.

In contrast to the prelimin- ary planning for an international serials data system, there is now in being an international system for numbering books. A cautious investigation without meldebigen interference of the informal flow of in- formation could perhaps give interesting results how Information really is transfer- red in some typical cases.

Beim Trialfahren sind feste Stiefel ebenso unverzichtbar wie Handschuhe und Helm. We have re- cognized the need for a science information policy and we Intend to build up the neces- sary resources for its implementation We are aware that knowledge is global.

Fifth, there is need meldebogenn increased effort toward facilitating the participation of less technically advanced countries. It contains twenty-two recommen- dations for programme development, directed toward three groups of individuals: We will therefore strongly support the UNISIST concept and any other multilateral or bilateral activity promoting free information flow and international cooperation in thin vital field.

This fact alone must lend graat Importance to a conference which has made Its goal the Intensification of scientific examination of Information problesM. Some headway has undoub- tedly been made in this case but it again relatos to books and retrospective dv. Ein beabsichtigtes Anbieten und Bewerben der zweckentfremdeten Nutzung auf Internetportalen wie Airbnb oder Wimdu setzt allerdings eine Genehmigung und eine vorherige Anzeige voraus.

Not dv headway however was made in these directions because of various difficulties mostly related to finance, dearth of skilled personnel, proper procurement procedures etc. Such a bibliography would record all current material being produced all.