Best known for his work with Neil Gaiman, McKean is also an accomplished CAGES. Dave McKean, Author. NBM $50 (p) ISBN Cages opens with an array of short prose pieces, each a variation on the idea of a creation story. This is one of several motifs that McKean. My first encounter with Cages by Dave McKean was not coming upon it in a bookstore, or being recommended it by a more well-read friend.

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Arkham Asylum, Violent Cases, etc. First, Angel goes from being a fully fleshed-out drawing to the barest of rough sketches, his black outline scratched into a blurred grey, standing out starkly against the bare white of the backgrounds.

So my recommendation is, pick this book up, flick through it, say “ooh the pretty” and then put it down and go read something else.

Cages Second Edition Paperback. Dave McKean’s linework, humor, philosophizing, musical interest, and thoughts nckean religion are intriguing, heartbreaking specifically cagess non-text panels brilliant, sometimes rough I find the religious bits kind of clumsy but then-aren’t we all kinda clumsy on this topic! McKean is a fantastic artist. The art is gorgeous, wandering from simple daev and white sketches to detailed painted pages, to all manner of other styles.

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When I say it dages way, it sounds overly simplistic, but that’s exactly the opposite of Cages. This is one of several motifs that McKean revisits over the course of the book—both the creation of the cosmos and the making of art. Thanks to the publisher for giving me a review copy through Edelweiss. These dages wordless pages have a kind of fairy tale quality to them, a fairy tale in the original sense: I find this refreshing, but I could see how some readers might find this frustrating.


McKean slowly warps the perspective as the girl swings around, turning the field on its side and simultaneously blurring the image into an abstract paint blotch, like a multi-colored Rorschach blot. I’ve just read it in past 4 days. Some absolutely gorgeous silent vignettes.

But the book’s gradual shift from literalism to fanciful allegories and stories-within-stories mostly serves as the springboard for a visual tour de force. English Choose a language for shopping. The story progression gets in sync with the art supp My familiarity with Dave McKean’s work comes from the artwork covers etc. An Artist of the Floating World: The whole feels very European, even in its depiction of London, which is shown mostly as dim, narrow, winding, deserted, cobbled streets, a maze of cozy para One of my favorite comics.

Cages has ten chapters. It is a book of many things, mysterious objects and mysterious creatures. It reminded me of a quirky foreign film from the ’80s, where a bunch of artists happen to be neighbors and how their idiosyncratic lives intersect as they discover truths about life and love and the universe.

There’s mysterious scenes in which the meaning is hidden by the threat of murder and acts of violence. Ca-ca-ca-cages 18 6 Dec 18, The idea of dqve creation, of the struggles and trials of creation, is a central one in Cages.

Another book I never read the whole thing when it came out or when I was really into the work of Dave McKean. Filled with complex characters, intriguing flights of fancy, and all the beautiful visuals you’d expect from the director of MirrorMask, Cages is McKean’s magnum opus.

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But no, it’s actually meant to have a narrative running cxges beginning to mcjean. Cages is my favorite graphic novel. I think of the scene in which Leo the painter meets Karen in a jazz club and they talk for hours, falling into romantic sympathy. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The big surprise for me was how deftly McKean strung these moments together to characterize the neighborhood.


Cages is a story about artists, belief, creativity and cats, illustrated in a stripped-down pen and ink style. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I was trying to tell a friend about Cages and everything was going well until he asked me, “What’s it about?

The art for one is exquisite and the story is fine, but McKean I think his art will always overshadow anything he does. Analyzing HellblazerPart 15 30 Jan In Praise of Semicolons.

You’d be lucky if what I just said took up 50 pages all in all. While there is a baseline of gestural drawing, mostly freehand brushwork, and nine-panel grids colored with a bluish tone, McKean employs photography, painting, collage, digital art to lift the story beyond the London apartment and into realms of myth and subjectivity. Left alone in his room with the aggravating landlady gone, a deeper expression of fear replaces the bemused annoyance that was there throughout his introductory scenes.

Lists with This Book. Him and a few other guys sometimes get lost in that 90’s nostalgia. I rather it be something else. And Cages is his greatest, most direct attempt — a sustained effort at breaking boundaries, erasing borders, dodging restrictions.

Eave to Know Us. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that his genius carries over on the storytelling level. McKean writes marvelous dialogue, colloquial and expertly observed.

Dave McKean, Cages | John Pistelli

Interesting comments on God – cycles of creation god created us, we create gods ; all is connected. It weighs almost 5 lbs.

This was worth the read just for the art.