Curs Microeconomie Intermediara. Home · Curs Grile rezolvate la Microeconomie, FEAA, anul I, sem. II, Iasi Capitolul 1-Microeconomie-Stelian Stancu. tJ’ialuates the application of microeconomie theory to. anul i microeconomie – suport de curs – pentru ÎnvĂŢĂmÂnt la αxB+(1-α)xC xo. C xC x1. Figura. Evenimentul are loc la Galeria de arta contemporana “Cecilia Cutescu Storck” din Cladirea Ion N. Angelescu, etajele 1 si 2. Va asteptam! Afis Conferinte ASE .

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Suport de Curs Engleza Download Report. Published on Nov View 21 Download 5. Descrierea cursuluiCursul se adreseaz studenilor de la Facultatea de tiine Economice i Gestiunea Afacerilor, care i-au nsuit deja deprinderile vizate de cursurile practice generale de limb englez aplicat la domeniul afacerilor anii I-II.

Studenii trebuie s manifeste curiozitatea de a recurge la bibliografie i disponibilitatea de a lucra interactiv. Organizarea temelor n cadrul cursului Organizarea temelor din cadrul cursului precum i bibliografia care trebuie consultat sunt prezentate n detaliu n paginile introductive ale syllabus-ului. Formatul i tipul activitilor implicate de curs Studentul are libertatea de a-i gestiona singur, fr constrngeri, modalitatea i timpul de parcurgere a cursului.

Materiale bibliografice obligatorii Sursele bibliografice obligatorii pentru acest curs se regasesc n syllabus-ul aferent cursului. The Language of Business English. Letter of Inquiry and Reply. Letter of Apology and Settlement. Frauda se refer la: Copiat utilizarea de materiale sau informaii neautorizateplagiat, falsificri, i orice alte activiti care pot afecta o corect evaluare a performanelor studenilor; b.

Ajutorul acordat altora n aceste privinec. Studeni cu dizabiliti3Exist disponibilitatea de a lua legtura cu studenii afectai de dizabiliti motorii sau intelectuale pentru a identifica eventuale soluii n vederea oferirii de anse egale acestora.

Calea de comunicare prin care putem fi contactai pentru acest gen de situaii: What do you know about the following forms of communication? Read about some forms of communication in business. Can you identify some other examples? It may affect worker attitudes, which, in their turn, affect worker performance.

Use the information in the table below and describe the communication network in an organization you know. ReadingRead about the importance of effective communication in the work place. The concluding sentence in some paragraphs of the text has been removed.

micrroeconomie Choose the best sentence from the list below A-I to conclude each paragraph. There is one microeconoie that you do not need. There is an example at the beginning 0 Cues. B Encouraging a free flow of input from the receiver is the best way of ensuring that understanding has been achieved. C The task of the communicator is to change the aspect of “fear” into that of “understanding”. D They need to realize that successful communication is no one-way process.

E Assimilation of a concept presented by management, or by another worker, goes a long way towards ensuring active participation, and harmonious cooperation, in the workplace.

F To communicate successfully managers and supervisors have to understand the other person, and have to work hard to get the other person to understand them. G However, respect for the other person is an important prerequisite for attention getting.

H The originator of anil message must play his part, too, with abundant support and encouragement. I Effective communication requires tools and planning. Communicating Effectively in the Workplace: Four Essential Stepsby Azriel WinnettIneffective communication is a major, yet avoidable, obstacle to business productivity. And yes, it can be avoided. Given the will, the bleakest of situations can be turned around for the better.

Management must face squarely the anlu of formulating strategies to encourage personnel to communicate effectively. On the other hand, managers themselves have to microecinomie the example. This applies whether the process is conducted verbally or through the medium of the written word. Managers are human beings involved with other human beings.


They are far more than givers of information or instructions. Communication is as much a matter of human relationships as it is about transmitting facts.

Suport de Curs Engleza

Some call them the four A’s of communication. Winning the attention of the person with whom we wish to communicate, is an obvious first step. In order to achieve this goal, we must first try to eliminate – as far as is furs possible – what experts in this field call “noise”. Real empathy, all the more so important in downward communication from superior to subordinate, leads quickly to the second step in the process – apprehension.

Although this word usually carries the connotation of “fear”, its primary meaning is “understanding”. We have preferred the term “apprehension” here microeconomis to retain the mnemonic of “four A’s”. Its two meanings, however, are related; they are two sides of one coin.

Managers sometimes defend their inability to communicate by asking, “Do you understand? As crucial as is the function of apprehension in its positive sense as we defined it microeconomiw is not enough.


Often, a person has microecconomie a message perfectly, but he or she has not accepted it. Alternatively, it is accepted in a cus manner, without any conviction.

Communication is still incomplete if he has not assimilated the information into his own being. The initiator has achieved an ideal result if the recipient has assimilated the message to the extent that he becomes one with the sender, as it were.

This is the final step in our communication process. It is that ingredient which propels abstract or theoretical knowledge into the world of reality. If assimilation has indeed taken place, action on the part of the receiver should follow inevitably.

But what we have said about the two-sided nature of communication applies here as well. VocabularyUse the following pairs of words correctly in sentences of your own, after you discuss the differences in meaning. WritingIn not more than words, describe the network of communication in an organization you are familiar with 1Unit 2Professional CommunicationObjectives: DiscussionIdentify the types of technology used primarily in internal and external- operational communication to transmit messages.

ReadingTechnical communication represents one of the most important elements that contribute to the success of communication in the business environment. By reading this fragment from Ten Technical Communication Myths, you will re-consider the effect of communication technology and the contribution of the specialists in this domain to the development of a productive communication climate within or outside an organization.

It is not business properly, but you will see that it is indispensable to the modern business world. Decide whether the following statements are true T or false F. Despite the degree of abstraction or exaggeration that makes myths so fascinating, there is often a grain of truth but no insight into some fundamental aspects of the human condition at their heart.

The things we usually do in our daily work are strongly influenced by “rules of thumb”. Some modern communicators misinterpret the occasional rule to the point where it becomes valid for any circumstance it is applied to. There are 14 central myths in modern technical communication.

It is a rule that audiences are always dynamic.

Technical communicators know that documentation is very micgoeconomie. A culture can reinvent a myth by recasting it in their own unique context. Ten Technical Communication Mythsby Geoff Hart Myths often represent the very human attempt to explain something important but poorly understood, such as the turning of the seasons, or to provide cautionary tales to warn listeners against unsanctioned behavior, as in the myths of Prometheus and Epimetheus.

  ISA TR20.00.01 PDF

The fascination inspired by myths has kept many alive across the millennia, but despite the degree of abstraction or exaggeration that makes them so fascinating, there is often a grain of truth or an miroeconomie into some fundamental aspects of the human condition at their heart.

In our current enlightened age, we fancy that we’ve grown beyond the need for myths, microecononie “urban legends” abound particularly on the Internetand many of the things we do mocroeconomie our daily work are strongly influenced by “rules of thumb” that are, in a very real sense, a form of myth.

The bad news is that we’ve also internalized some of these myths to the point that we no longer question them and have begun to let them constrain our choices rather than to help us remember and see the truth.

Mivroeconomie communicators even overgeneralize the occasional rule to the point where it loses its validity and becomes dangerously misleading. In no particular order, this paper presents my “top 10 list” of what I consider to be the central myths in modern technical communication. There are undoubtedly others. By acting as devil’s advocate, intentionally presenting these myths in a bad light, I’m hoping that I can persuade 1you to question these and other rules of thumb that you use daily.

When you pay closer attention to the rules you obey, consciously or otherwise, and question why, you can start to recognize the microeconomi aspects of a myth and begin taking steps to free yourself from those constraints.

And here they are: Myths endure because no matter how much they simplify or exaggerate reality, they are nonetheless based on something truthful, something important to us, or something that sheds a bright light on an aspect of our lives. Two of the things that fascinate me most about mythology are just how universal the themes can be and how microeconome each person or culture can be in reinventing a myth by recasting it in their own unique context.

Folklorist Josepha Sherman has observed that “Myths are attempts to explain the cosmic truths All peoples have the same questions, and so all peoples have the same basic type of myths. My hope is that each of us will find ways to answer those universal questions for ourselves by seeking out the underlying truths and building on them to create something more 1useful and fascinating still.

By making the myths more relevant to ourselves, we reinvigorate them and ourselves. One obvious way to do this is to re-examine miicroeconomie current rules of thumb and see how they can be refined.

After all, the thing to remember about “rules of thumb” is that thumbs bend when necessary. VocabularyExplain with your own words; if possible, find synonyms for the following: WritingLearn how to write a correct paragraph!

Mecu, Constantin [WorldCat Identities]

The paragraph consists of several sentences all related to the same topic. It is a unit of thought. It involves logical thinking. The paragraph consists of three basic elements: Elements RoleTopic sentence It contains the essence of the whole paragraph main idea.