Ctesias of Cnidus was a Greek physician who lived in the last half of the fifth authors who form fragments of Ctesias, most notably Bekker’s. Ctesias returned to Greece in and began writing his Persica, a history of Assyria-Babylonia in 23 books. Books I–VI included a history of Assyria and the. CTESIAS (Gk. Ktēsías), Greek physician at the Achaemenid court and author of Persiká, who belonged to the Cnidian school of physicians, which claimed to.

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This greatly alarmed him, and the birth of a son without a head by Roxana increased this alarm. Help us improve this article!

After his accession she bore persicaa another son, called Cyrus from the sun.

The bodies of the king and queen were conveyed by Bagorazus to Persis. Jacoby, Fragmentep. He is the author of Ancient Persia: His other confidential advisers were the aged Mardonius and Matacas the eunuch. In spite of this Secydianus allowed himself to be persuaded, was arrested, thrown into the ashes, and died, after a reign of six months and fifteen days. Statira, seeing that Parysatis was eating her own portion, had no suspicions, and took the fatal poison.

Ctesias | Greek physician and historian |

Books I—VI included a history of Assyria and the Medes, and the last 10 books were a more detailed account from the death of Xerxes to Pharnacyas, who had assisted Secydianus to kill Xerxes, was stoned to death. Stronk, ‘Ctesias’ Persian History. The perscia of his history chiefly consists in his manner of relating events, which is strong in the emotional and unexpected, and in his varied use of mythical embellishment.

The Athenians were victorious, thanks to the advice and clever strategy of Aristides and Themistocles; the Persians lost ships, and Xerxes took to flight. His body was mutilated by Artaxerxes, who ordered his head and the hand with which he had struck him to be cut off, and carried them about in triumph.


Cambyses agreed to this. Three eunuchs, Artoxares, Artibarzanes, and Athous had the greatest influence with him, but his chief adviser was his wife. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. The detention of the Spartan ambassadors to the king.

He was subsequently taken to the palace and bound more securely, but was again loosed by thunder and lightning sent from vtesias.

Ctesias, Overview of the works

Inarus was impaled on three stakes; fifty of the Greeks, all that she could lay hands on, were decapitated. Megabyzus told him what had happened, how he had given his word to Inarus and the Greeks when he occupied Byblos, and earnestly entreated the king to spare their lives. Although he reproaches Herodotus for his old wives’ tales, he is not free from the same defect, especially in his account of India. Parysatis ordered the mother of Terituchmes, his brothers Mitrostes and Helicus, and his sisters except Statira to be put to death.

For the beetle genus, see Ctesias beetle. It also, contends Matt Waters, is an essential but often misunderstood source for the history of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. After they had given and taken the most solemn pledges, they admitted to their counsels Artasyras and Bagapates, who kept all the keys of the palace. Accordingly, Artarius, his wife Amytis, Artoxares then twenty years of ageand Petisas, the son of Usiris and father of Spitamas, were sent for that purpose to Megabyzus.

Darius, after he had crossed the bridge, set fire to the houses and temples of the Chalcedonians, because they had attempted to break down the bridges which he had made near their city and had also destroyed the altar erected by him, when crossing, in honor of Zeus Diabaterios.


Internet URLs are the best. Download high resolution cover, color. Menostanes was also arrested and condemned, but anticipated his fate by suicide. He ordered his wife to make him a false beard and mustache, that he might look like a man.

Megabyzus, as he fell, protected him, and ordered that he should be spared. Latest bibliography on Ctesias: He had reigned seven months. Such is the contents of the nineteenth and twentieth books. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

UW Press: Ctesias’ Persica and Its Near Eastern Context

Despite the inclusion of fanciful stories about man-eating tigers and dog-headed men, it is a valuable document on pre-Alexandrian India.

The plan succeeded, Artyphius and Arsites surrendered, and were thrown into xtesias ashes. When his answer was reported to the king, the Paphlagonian eunuch Artoxares and Amestris urged him to make peace without delay.

Ctesias’ account is different from that of Herodotus. Demaratus the Spartan, who arrived there first and accompanied Xerxes across, dissuaded him from invading Sparta. For partial editions with translations see R.

The Complete Fragments of Ctesias of Cnidus

From Athens he sailed with some Athenian troops to Caunus and summoned it to surrender. Indeed, Photius commented that first-hand references were characteristic of Ctesias cf.

Ochus, who had previously been satrap of Hyrcania, adopted the…. The letters of Conon to the king and Ctesias.