Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be easily The $ bonus offer is provided solely by Slickdeals and is unrelated . Comcast does .. Deal Discussion; Deal Talk · Rebates · Help Me Find a Deal. of months, they must remember to fill out separate rebate forms for the modem, and for a $ I00 credit. It takes another three months or so to process those rebates . Let’s examine one such offer, listed in early on , Then a bit smaller, these enticements: “Plus free modem, and $ cash back. You can check your status* by clicking on Status Lookup or ask questions by clicking on Contact. If you have any questions regarding your status you may also .

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Excludes payments for satellite radio services. Typical strategy for Comcast. Terms Offer valid on bill payments for cable and satellite television services made directly with the provider. The signal strength on my Wi-Fi laptop computer is only two bars. He was a bit of a Comcast hater himself most Comcast techs are contracted and not employed by Comcast, by the wayand what I found out from him was interesting. If you are in Classic view, click either of the links at the top of the thread.

I say no thanks, and switch back to 5 yr old modem which takes a while and another 15 minutes on with tech and I go back up to 23 down. Check Youtube and Ooma website or support for help. Offer valid on bill payments for cable and satellite television services made directly with the provider. Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be easily redeemed for statement credits, gift cards, and merchandise.


Amex Offer: Pay Cable TV Bill with Card

I called them again after 2 weeks but I got same answer that manager who is handling my case will call comcastoffsrs. I also clicked on the link Comcast Gateway Setup Instructions, the link was no longer working.

More from the Slickdeals Blog. How can I prove that I returned and fully paid from rental a very outdated modem from It would be much appreciated.

ShieldSquare reCAPTCHA Page

Is there a list of approved Comcast modems anywhere? Fortunately the lady in the research dept. Does anyone know of a good wireless cable modem that Comcast supports? We respect your privacy. They basically tried to steal my serial number and charge me for it. We need a class action against comcast They give you a promo and all of a sudden you are locked into a 2 year contract because I said yes to a promo Not the only senior this is $215 to.

Create a deal alert for Credit Cards. Now maxing my speed rent free. First, I ran a speed test before changing anything. Rebaye on, bring it ON!

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Add Deal Alert Nevermind. The buildings comcastofers wired for ATT only. I can hardly take it anymore. Amex Credit Card Offers. Offer is on my Amex BCP. Whether it was intentional or not, they have somehow registered my serial number as belonging to them.

But today, the nice lady assistant told me that she took it off my account. Get notified on new deals directly in your inbox or on your phone Did you email contact produce results. For those who are looking to do this, I have phrase of advice: I live in a populated rebahe ofI can lose my connection for 20 minutes.


3 Ways to Get Rid of your Comcast Modem Rental Fee

Make sure you are logged into Slickdeals when you click the the green Apply Now button above. I love these tales of you beating da man, especially Comcast. Most likely this is the bundle price but you have to work for it. Please, check your bills from Comcast before you pay them!!! My advice is to $1255 the cord. My neighbor uses a Linksys router and I can get a strength of signal from his router of six bars, excellent signal rebaet.

We have cable to our desk top, need wifi fotm ipad, AND need a plug for our land phone lines. I will be getting my own. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant.

Retired and on Social Security I fell for it. Want more deals like this? Thanks for supporting our community! Negotiation is the first way to get rid of your Comcast modem rental fee.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify cpmcastoffers of followup comments via e-mail. Nevermind Don’t show this again Report Expired. Please see the offer for full terms and conditions. Checked my account this morning and found a zero balance. Howdy very nice site!!

I have paid them for years for the outdated piece of crap, by my standard I own the frigging box.