However, we recommend you check your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product. Clean COLORBOND® Technical Guide-Colour chart. For steel. *Not all colours available in all regions. Bushland®. Cottage Green®. Deep Ocean®. Harvest®. Manor Red®. Night Sky®. Wallaby®. Windspray®. Dulux and Colorbond® steel work together to deliver outstanding colour accuracy. All Colorbond® colours can be matched in Dulux Weathershield exterior.

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Being able to see the kinds of colour mixes that others have used in the past can be a really helpful starting point for your own colour explorations.

Commercial Colours

Even where the new Colorbond colour is similar subtle differences may be quite obvious across an extended area such as a roof. Naturally, with Colorguard you can choose any of these colours and more to go with any of the Colorguard steel products including:.

Collr remember even though these colours may no longer be available in Colorbond we can match any discontinued colour you require with Colorguard custom paint matching for all our steel products. Your account has been created successfully. Talk to the friendly experts at Xhart Roofing Supplies today. With the exception of Riversand there is now no equivalent in the Colorbond range. ColorGuard Steel – A Tick For The Environment When you choose custom coloured Colorguard steel you not only get the colours you want in a superior paint finish, you also paint a big tick for the environment.

With full colour customisation capabilities and your own creative inspiration Colorguard steel products make life simple again. Dulux Account Join now Create a Dulux account today! Password Please enter your password. Colorbond led an extensive consultation process with more than Australian building industry professionals. This Colorbond Colour Chart includes the full range of steel products: Manufacturer of a wide range of building products that includes roofing cladding, rainwater storage, fencing ,wall sheeting and other building accessories.


Colorbond Full Range of Colours & Products | Dulux

Some suppliers still list these colour dolorbond but it always pays to check very carefully to verify that they are exactly the same shade. This continues a rather bizarre pattern of offering the same colour under different names.

Manufacturer of a wide range of building products that includes roofing cladding, rainwater storage, fencing ,wall sheeting and other building accessories. This Colorbond Colour Chart includes a range of steel products: The resulting colour range modification ccolor the largest revision of the Colorbond scheme in some 20 years. V damage and uneven paint fading may become more obvious.


Colorguard provides a superior climate barrier with exceptional substrate bonding. Warranty for the Australian Market. Pre-painted steel with magnesium added technology, superior corrosion resistance.

Char confusion arises because sometimes the colour will remain the same even though the name has been changed but other times a particular colour will be dropped completely.

Colorguard is a superior Australian-made colour coating for steel and aluminium products.

Please send me information on Dulux products, promotions and services. Now you no longer need to compromise your environmental values. All Done Please check your nominated email address for a reset password link.

These colours may also be available under other names with different paint suppliers. In fact, with hundreds of colours to choose from including any custom colour you require you can really unleash your creative spark. But over time U. Colours displayed should be used as a guide for your colour colodbond. Fortunately, we can supply steel fencing products in any custom colour you require including all the old Colorbond colours.

Colorguard also boasts a much more extensive colour range including all the old discontinued Colorbond colours.


Step back to and you can see where much of the confusion originates. However, you only have to go back to colorbone find that the waters or rather the paints are already getting a little muddied.

Fading due to U. To ensure best colour accuracy, simply order a Dulux Colour Swatch from the below colours. Here at Protective Roofing Supplies we want to make life simple.

COLORBOND® steel colours | COLORBOND® steel

Advanced thermotechnology reduces the heat absorbed by Colorguard roofs. Please activate your account by visiting the activation link sent to your email address. Call us colog and see how we can offer all the colours of the rainbow at really low prices.

Colro means reduced cooling bills in summer. Likewise, maintaining heritage homes with traditional colour schemes could prove extremely problematic. Painting guides that will help you with tips and techniques for your next project. We can supply steel products in all of the old discontinued Colorbond colours as well as any custom colour you require. Colorguard products are rigorously tested to ensure and maintain an exceptionally high standard of colour, paint adhesion, scratch resistance and paint thickness.

Thank you for registering Congratulations! Naturally, with Colorguard you can choose any of these colours and more to go with any of the Colorguard steel products including: We can do extraordinary things with the Colorguard custom colour matching process but the reality is even with a perfect match there may be some visible differences due to uneven fading.

The old discontinued colours are in the left column.