The tree produces a very popular fruit as well as having a wide range of local medicinal uses and a good quality wood. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions . Chrysophyllum cainito is an evergreen Tree growing to 25 m (82ft) by 20 m (65ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 10 and is frost tender. The plant is. One of the relatively minor fruits of the family Sapotaceae, the star apple or goldenleaf tree, Chrysophyllum cainito L. (syn. Achras caimito Ruiz & Pavon), has.

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Chrysophyllum cainito – Star Apple

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. Description A medium to large sized tree from ft high. Prefers a deep, rich loam[ ]. The flattened seeds are light brown and hard. Throughout Southeast Asia it thrives in the lowlands, up to metres elevation, and in areas with a distinct dry season[ ]. The undersides of the leaves are grated and applied as a poultice to wounds[ ]. Synsepalum subcordatum Giant Miracle Fruit. The tree is also hermaphroditic self-fertile. Leaves with new growth Photograph by: Requires a moist, well-drained soil[ ].

Fruits and leaves Photograph by: Leaves are very pretty, with a glossy green surface, and a shimmering gold velvety underside.


Chrysophyllum cainito

Last update on The plant is self-fertile. In Cambodia, this fruit chryso;hyllum called ” plae teuk dos ko” which means milk fruit. Anastrepha distincta pois-doux fruit fly ; Anastrepha serpentina sapodilla fruit fly ; Bactrocera aquilonis ; Bactrocera distincta ; Bactrocera dorsalis Oriental fruit fly ; Bactrocera tryoni Queensland fruit fly ; Ceroplastes cirripediformis barnacle scale ; Selenaspidus articulatus West Indian red scale Minor host of: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Chrysophyllum cainito.

Chrysophyllum cainito Star Apple.

Further, ripe fruit sooths inflammation in laryngitis and pneumonia and used as treatment for diabetes, angina, haemorrhage and fever.

Growing Environment Young trees are highly susceptible to any kind of frost or cold wind. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages. If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment.

Don’t need the entire report? In Malayalam it is called “Swarnapathry” meaning ‘[the tree with] golden leaves’. Star apple grows cainifo in a range of tropical or near tropical areas.

Greenish-white and yellow-fruited cultivars are sometimes available. Pouteria hypoglauca Cinnamon Apple. This QR Code is unique to this page.

You can unsubscribe at anytime. Pouteria viridis Green Sapote.

Data related to Chrysophyllum cainito at Wikispecies. The cuttings taken from mature stems root well[ ], when placed over strong moist heat[ ]. The wood is used for general indoor construction and used for fuel. Right plant wrong place. The fruit do not drop and must be picked. It is hardy to zone UK 10 and is frost tender. It is a seasonal fruit bearing tree.


The latex of the tree is chrysophyllu on abscesses and, when dried and powdered, it is given as a potent vermifuge. Mature trees are seriously injured by temperatures below -2c and recover slowly.

Infusions of the leaves have been used against diabetes and articular rheumatism. A number of closely related species, also called star apples, are grown in Africa including C. Cainito pomiferum Tussac Chrysophyllum bicolor Poir. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata.

The seed retains its viability for several months[ ]. This taxon has not yet been assessed. Chrysophyllum ottonis Klotzsch ex Miq.

Other common names are cxinito, caimito, golden leaf tree, abiaba, pomme de lait, estrella, milk fruit and aguay.

Small flowers occur in clusters. Native to tropical America, from the Caribbean through Central America.