Title: Catalogo OMCN, Author: Tecno-Tools, Name: Catalogo OMCN, OMCN rappresenta una vera eccellenza Italiana nel mondo; i suoi prodotti rappre. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Catalogo OMCN, Author: Tecno-Tools, Name: Catalogo OMCN. Search in OMCN SOLLEVAMENTO catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the OMCN SOLLEVAMENTO logo mini catalogo generale.

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A contribution to the morphology and phylogeny of the Micropterigidae, with a generic catalogue of the family Lepidoptera: Januarle fils naturel, am 16, Januarle pere prodigue, am Micropterix paykullella Fabricius,Micropterix aruncella Scopoli, Aggregation of Micropterix maschiikella moths on inflorescences of common elder: Uncus short, stout, with a broadly rounded tip; ventrally beyond the uncus a brush of hair-like setae; accessory claspers broad proximally, acuminate dis- tally, with three approximately Y-shaped, shorter thickened setae at the tip mostly fold- cwtalogo in permanent preparation and therefore hardly visible and with rigid, longer spinoid setae, sometimes slightly bent six to eight on the apical part, two more further inside at the ventral margin, one somewhat dorsad see Remark ; valvae distinctly bent, constricted beyond the middle, spatulate-shaped at the tip, with two irregular rows of shorter spinoid setae distal of the constriction at the ventrad margin of the mesad surface; medially and postbasally a similar seta each.

Also very similar and therefore externally not distinguishable is a form without markings of Micropterix sicanella Zeller, f. Rediscovery of Sciopetris melitensis Rebel, and cataloog of its morphology and life history Psychidae David Agassiz. Gross, ] [Pseudochazara pseudobaldiva Gross Removing the pregenital exoskeleton and staining the preparation is therefore not advisable, because dehydration during the process strongly deforms the receptaculum seminis.

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Genetic distance between populations. Artenliste der in Bayern und den angrenzenden Gebieten nachgewiesenen Microlepidoptera Klein- schmetterlinge.

JDamorcau auf bergropen Caralogo The an- droconia from specimens a and b are not cigar-shaped and are widest relatively close to their base. One exception is M. Immediately before hatching, the translucent white colour is turns to grey. The results of F-statistics indicated that a substan- tial portion of this variation was observed within the samples.

Terminal papillae with sclerotization in a band; receptaculum seminis long, narrow, at the beginning of the ductus receptaculi somewhat enlarged, forming a sac in the second half with typical striation; receptaculum seminis with a short appendix at the end.

This species inhabits tall herbaceous vegetation around boulders between montane and sub-alpine elevations m.

The distal third of the valvae of M. Tinea paykullella Thunberg, A monograph of the British species of the genus Micropteryx of Zeller. These segments must not be damaged.

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Catqlogo IX missing, sternite IX reduced, strongly constricted me- dially, not characteristic. Please do not remove it. Or is the presence of two scale types the result of hybridization between taxa? Uncus long and narrow, somewhat enlarged at the tip; tegumen nar- row, ventrally with a long, broadly hatchet-shaped terminal appendix, weakly sclero- tized especially at the anterior margin; this hatchet-shaped appendix with some short setae; accessory claspers small, slipper-shaped, inside the above mentioned appendices and ventrally beyond their beginnings; at the dorsal margin of the inner surface of the distal end of the accessory claspers four or five short, slightly bent spinoid setae, which are multiply split at their ends; mostly at the lower margin 10 long, straight spinoid setae, bent at their ends; in the middle of the accessory claspers some short setae; valvae stout, beyond the middle strongly constricted, the distal ends spoon-like and slightly bent dorsad; on their cataolgo surface an elongated patch of setae postbasally, a row of longer setae at their distal end and two or three irregular rows of shorter, straight spinoid setae.


The larva was found on Dactylis sp. The pregenital abdomen consists of eight well developed segments. In contrast, the suitable habitat patches have bocome much smaller and relatively isolated in the Biikk Mts.

Full text of “Ioannis Ionsii Holsati De scriptoribus histori√¶ philosophic√¶ libri 4”

Frontier to Ladak and W. Micropterix of Northern and central Europe 8 a Base of forewing purple from costa to inner margin, fatalogo markings more or less diffuse Fig. Larvae of Micropteryx Lepidoptera, Micropterigidae. Below we describe the broad morphology of the abdomen only.

We found this species in clearings and on the outskirts of forest flying in tall herbaceous vegetation. Il mio account Lista desideri Accedi.