You agree to abide by all applicable anti-corruption laws, including laws prohibiting illegal payments to people for a corrupt purpose in relation to these. Clase 5 bocio endemico download as powerpoint presentation. Prevalence and geographical distribution of endemic goitre. Saude publica avaliacao do bocio. May-Jul;23()– [PubMed]; STACPOOLE HH. La profilaxis del bocio endemico en Mexico. Bol Oficina Sanit Panam. Mar;36(3)–

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SGI was created by the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy CONEVAL that, according to the Mexican law, represents the authority and has the responsibility to establish these guidelines and boico for the definition, identification, and measurement of poverty J Clin Endocrinol Metab.

Despite consumption of iodized salt, ingestions of goitrogens may mexivo contributing to the persistence of this problem. The geography and altitude have been traditionally described as important factors regarding iodine availability in soil.

WHO [database on the internet].

bocio endemico en mexico pdf fonatur

This nutritional context makes it mandatory to describe em current situation of iodine nutrition in Mexico. Directorio de escuelas en el estado ciclo escolar Bol Oficina Sanit Panam. Because of the difficulties to return to these locations, we decided to include all the children available on the day of the data collection. To analyze if data show Gaussian normal distributed we used D’Angostino and Person omnibus normality test. The NNS reported a prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren 5 to 11 years of age of In these studies, iodine deficiency was associated with height SDS and intelligence quotient, and undernutrition and poverty, respectively.


bocio endemico en mexico pdf fonatur – PDF Files

emdemico Utilizou-se um total de 1. Goiter prevalence in children between 6 and 14 years old was 8 in Pachuca, 9 in Ixmiquilpan, and 14 in Huejutla. Effect of iodine intake on thyroid diseases in China. Mandatory fortification of bread with iodised salt modestly improves iodine status in schoolchildren. SGI is not a poverty measurement because it does not consider income, social security, and food access.

bocio endemico en mexico pdf – PDF Files

Seventy seven percent of table salt bicio showed adequate iodine content ppmwhile 9. Body mass index BMI was estimated for each subject.

N Engl J Med. Thyroid function derangement and childhood obesity: There are other circumstances or variables that should be taken into account and that are specific of a certain region or country.

The authors are also grateful to the undergraduate iodine study group, Claudia Alarcon and Valeria Perez, for their technical support. Further studies are needed to document the impact of both obesity and iodine excess in children thyroid function. The Swiss iodized salt program provides adequate iodine for school children and pregnant women, but weaning infants not receiving iodine-containing complementary foods as well as their mothers are iodine deficient.

There is coexistence between the two extremes of iodine intake insufficient and excessive. On the other hand, because UIC values obtained from spot urine samples are not useful to estimate individual iodine intake, we used UIC median values from each school to perform a population analysis instead of individual analysis. At a national level, it is estimated that, from tothe consumption of industrialized foods increased 6.


The size of the community rather than its geographical location better defines the risk of iodine deficiency: Mrxico, Mexico is considered a nutrition transition country, with an increase in prevalence of overweight and obesity and a reduction of nutritional deficiencies 8, To our knowledge, the observed positive correlation between UIC and overweight and obesity has not been described before, and could be explained by the availability and consumption of snack food rich in energy and iodized salt.

As mentioned, we identified table salt samples without iodine.

In this regard, stunting prevalence in schoolchildren in was Iodine status was found as deficient, adequate, more than adequate and excessive in 2, 4, 19 and 25 schools, respectively. Because of the lack of recent information on UIC in the Queretaro state, we selected 10 municipalities considered more vulnerable to iodine deficiency according to the criteria described below.


Endemic goiter in Latin America

Cuarto censo nacional de talla Quantitative iodine analyses of table salt were performed using the sodium thiosulfate titration method 2. Associated Data Supplementary Materials. endemco

A representative subsample of table salt samples between