Genealogy for Muawiyah I bin Sakhr (Abu Sufyan), 1st Umayyad Caliph (c – ) family tree on Geni, with over million profiles of. Menceritakan tentang Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan, seorang sahabat yang luar biasa. Penulis menjelaskan segala aspek dari kehidupan Muawiyah, mulai dari. #BiografiMuawiyah ○ Rp. ,- Berat kg ○ #glh20 # MUAWIYAH BIN ABU SUFYAN Penulis: Dr. Ali Muhammad Ash-Shalabi Penerbit: Darul.

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Chieftain of the Quraysh of Mecca.

Muawiyah I

Muawiyah I is a reviled figure in Shia Islam for several reasons. Even the most stubborn of opponents would often melt under his generosity and diplomacy. Be careful O my son, that you do not meet God with his blood, lest you be among those that will perish” [83]. Beti Rohmatillah marked it as to-read Oct 25, Ali’s caliphate lasted for around 4 years.

Abu Sufyan ibn Harb

Muawiya did not rely on the old aristocracy but looked for merit and loyalty. He went on to hold many posts during his lifetime serving aufyan the governor of Faris PersiaBasra and Kufa. It wasn’t the kind where Muawiyah was appointed by the Muslims. Nothing he had done had helped to improve his reputation for double dealing.

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His navy challenged the Byzantine navy and raided the Byzantine islands and coasts at will. Their troops confronted bkografi other in the Battle of Siffin inwhich was finally resolved by negotiations.

The Life of Muhammad.

Rahman,Page Muawiyah along with Adbullah ibn Sa’d the new governor of Egypt successfully persuaded Uthman to biovrafi them permission to construct a large fleet in the dockyards of Egypt and Syria. Penulis menjelaskan segala aspek dari kehidupan Muawiyah, mulai dari masa kecilnya, saat bersama Nabi Muhammad, perseteruannya dengan Ali bin Abi Thalib, juga saat beliau menjadi raja pertama Kekhalifahan Utsmaniyah. Even the earliest pro-Shia accounts of al-Masudi muawiyyah more balanced.

Translated by Bewley, A. Muawiyah warned his son Yazid that Husayn, the younger brother of Hasan ibn Ali, would potentially be a problem for the dynasty.

Muawiyah I – Wikipedia

Inhe even sponsored a siege of Constantinople itself. He also had the faculty of winning over and retaining people he distrusted like Amr ibn al As.

There was much anti Arab feeling in Iran after the fall of the Persian empire. However, according to some sources, Muawiyah advised his son to act towards Husayn “gently”. Kebanyakan orang Islam memuji tindakan Muawiyah yang mauwiyah empayar Islam dengan begitu luas sehingga mampu mengugat Constantinople.


Caliph of Islam Umayyad Caliph — Muawiyah’s armies used “Minjenique” machines to propel large stones onto enemy ramparts. Ali was extremely caring towards the poor and when he became caliph the revenue from the land of Fadak continued to go towards the sufyna. The books written later in the Abbasid period in Iran are even more anti Umayyad. The first real naval engagement between the Muslim and the Byzantine navy was the so-called Battle of the Masts Dhat al-sawari or Battle of Phoenix off the Lycian coast in Sucyan Manaf ibn Qusai.

According to Shia view, Muawiyah opposed Ali, out of sheer greed for power and wealth.

Khilafat Wa Mulukiyyat Caliphate and the Monarchy. It is based on when it was written and who wrote it and where.

Busar; Tarikh ibn Asakir, vol. Muawiyah is alleged to have killed many of Muhammad’s companions Sahabaheither in battle or by poison, due to his lust for power. History of the Saracens Ch.