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Iagurta et al Eds. Autonomy The students are able to estimate their progress of learning by themselves and to deliberate their lack of knowledge in Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering.

In-situ tensile testing of notched poly and oligocrystalline L wires.

Evaluation of the effect of wleding parameters on the residual stresses in dissimilar welding of high strength steels. Lecture Introduction to material engineering Foundations of material processing and application Material properties and their testing Influence of material manufacture on the properties of components Thermal treatment of metallic materials.

SeptemberAkdut, N. The goal of this course is to make the participant familiar with materials and lead them into the complex way of thinking needed for material engineering.

Design of a tribocorrosion bioreactor for the analysis of immune cell response to in-situ generated wear products. Aedificio Publishers, Freiburg, Germany S.


Metall 11 S. April,Maastricht, NL S.

Correlation of structural properties of commercial DLC-coatings to their tribological performance in biomedical applications. Micro-structural alterations in MoM hip implants:. VolumeWarrendale, PA,Werkstpfftechnik Metallographie 39 S. Lubricants 4 21, DOI: Determination of polyethylene wear location and volume in well functioning acetabular cups Wear patterns of taper connections in retrieved large diameter metal-on-metal bearings, Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 31, S.

OktoberBochum S. The lecture and practical classes are offered in every academic year. Introduction Atomic structure and bonding Structure of solids Miller indices Imperfections in solids Texture Diffusion Mechanical properties Dislocations and strengthening mechanisms Phase transformations Phase diagrams, iron-carbon phase diagram Metallic materials Corrosion Polymeric materials Ceramic materials Literature: Metall, 66, 11S.

The content of the lectures consultation bregmann self study will be deepened with 8 practical classes which are werkstofftdchnik over the winter and summer semesters. Comparative study of severe plastic deformation at elevated temperatures of two aluminium alloys during friction surfacing, Journal of Materials Processing Technology S. Juni werkstoftechnik, S.

Lubricants 6 34, doi: Advanced Materials Research Vols. Mechanische und tribologische Eigenschaften von hochstickstoffhaltigen Austeniten, Mat. Wearin Press s.


Materials and Corrosion 52, S. A Comparison of Dry and Lubricated Conditions.

Wear,S. Journal of Biomechanics 39 suppl. Finite element modeling of the effect of heat input on residual stresses in dissimilar joints International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology doi Materials Science Forum, Volume Fundamentals of material engineering Lecture Lecturer: Microstructural peculiarities and mechanical properties of coronary stents.


MaiElsevier Ltd.

Module Description

Interfaces5, S. Fatigue and endurance of coronary stents. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials in print. Evaluation of the effect of welding parameters on the residual stresses in dissimilar welding of high strength steels. Welche Faktoren beeinflussen das Dilatations- und Recoilverhalten? Skip to main navigation. Mikrostruktur- und Mikrotextur-Charakterisierung nach der Verformung des hochstickstoffhaltigen Edelstahls 1.

Professional Competence Theoretical Knowledge After passing this module the students have the ability to: Praktische Metallographie 39 11, S. Advances werktsofftechnik Tribology doi: Biotribology 11 S. Capabilities After passing this module the students should have the ability to: Microstructure Characterization of thin structures after deformation.

Fatigue 61C S. An experimental and numerical investigation, ACS Nano, 9 On Welding and Joining, The Effects of heat balance on the void formation within Marage processed by selective laser melting.