Alankars bansuri – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Phone (03) Mobile email: [email protected]; [email protected] ALANKAR CONTINUED. 8. SA MA – RE PA – GA DHA – MA. Here I explain and demonstrate some of the techniques used on the bansuri to make the music sound more beautiful. I have included some videos to.

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I hope by now you all can continue it by yourself, if its not coming to you then you have not done your practice properly Av: Alankars help you to set your fingers right and for fast movement of your fingers. Khatka is banduri the same as Murki but played faster and with more force.

Xlankars rules of weight training are to start with simple exercises with light weights. While playing, please say the surs in your mind also. Can you hear how it separates the note?

Practicing Scales

First is Aaroh Ascending and second Avroh descending. These techniques require many years of pratice to perfect them. I play the following using gamak: In the video below I demonstrate gamak. All leading Hindustani musicians would tell you how they spent long hours practicing Alankaars.

Don’t think that if you play for 5 days you can let go 2 days and alankarx again you’ll start practicing. I demonstrate this in the video below.



You should initially take time to think through the pattern and the bannsuri them. Unknown 24 February at Below there are some of the alankars for your fingering practice. For example, if you play for example the note SA SA SA so three times the same note you could do this by blowing and stopping the air flow three times, however, your music will sound much better if you use tonguing.

Minimum proper bansugi are needed to get you fingers moving and getting set to the instrument. Another way to mix these is to make them little more complex i. If you skip a days practice too its result will be seen the next day and you personally would feel the difference.

Learn To Play Bansuri: Alankars ()

Keshav Jha 13 March at In Hindustani Classical music by contrast, the music is composed and rendered simultaneously. Andolan, meaning oscillation is the swing or oscillation that starts from a fixed note and touches the periphery of an adjacent note.

The general term “gamak” means ornament and more precisely, it consists of beginning each note from above in a curved, sliding pattern – almost as if you were caressing the hole. I then use the same technique between Sa and Re. In other words, he composes and renders the raga at the same time.


Unknown 21 October at You should everyday do its Riyaaz Practice. Raza Bin Umer 27 June at Log In Register Orientation Subscribe. The end result sounds like a complex taan pattern with sharp gamaks.

It is difficult to produce and requires a lot of practice.

This is done in 2 ways; 1. When a cluster of notes played very fast and with force alanakrs decorate or embellish another note, it is called a khatka or gitkari. So even if it takes time please try to play the whole part by your own after just reading the starting two lines of the alankar.

RE MA x4 Av: You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly. What distinguishes murki is that it is played relatively slowly and softly in comparison to khatka and zamzama which are more forceful, however it will be played faster than the main notes. Try to play the grace notes in the following Alankaar practice exercises remembering to tap your finger very quickly on the notes in brackets: Gamak is quite difficult to explain but I will try my best.

Pranav Vyas 20 April at There are two parts to an alankar.