Kenya joins Uganda, which has also enacted laws to streamline the operations of bancassurance to drive penetration of insurance. I&M Bancassurance offers both General and Life insurance. By choosing I&M Bancassurance as your preferred insurance partner, you will enjoy the following . Banking institutions and insurance companies have found banc assurance to be an attractive and profitable complement to their existing activities. The Kenyan.

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Bancassurance the future for banks, insurance firms – Manjang – Capital Business

Banks have limited insurance business experience and are mainly able to bancassurancw straightforward products that are simple to explain and service.

While other factors including financial constraints, pressure to meet targets and low commissions, bancasxurance have also contributed to the declining numbers, the main threat being alluded to by many agents is bancassurance. Currently, there were 26 bancassurance insurance agents in upon from 19 the previous year, according to the Annual Insurance Report. There is still considerable room in the market for the professional intermediary.

Metadata Show full item record. Operating model — the bank must have clarity on the model they will function within and what success looks like in that context.

Operating model — the bank must have clarity on the model they will function within and what success eknya like in that context 2. The research design used in this study was cross sectional descriptive survey of a defined population as it involved a study of all the eighteen insurance companies which use banc assurance as a channel of distribution.

Your email address will not be published. Sign up to receive offers, news and information via email. All prospects shall be allowed to decide out of their own volition, which insurance product they wish to buy and from which insurer.


One of the most significant changes in the financial services sector over the past few years has been the appearance and development of banc assurance. Finaccord is a market research, publishing and consulting company specialising in insurance and other financial services.

The draft guidelines, though still in the pipeline, come with stricter rules for the banks with such clauses as: JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

The Kenyan insurance industry has been relying heavily on agents and brokers to sell insurance products. Finaccord and other Aon group companies will use your personal information to contact you from time to time about other products, services and events that we feel may be of interest to you. The Insurance Regulatory Authority IRA has had to step in following numerous complaints from agents and are coming up with guidelines to help regulate bancassurance business.

Initially, traditional brokers and agents were not comfortable with the idea of having to share their space with banks.

What should a bank focus on in order to succeed in bancassurance. The insurance companies have also gained a competitive edge through tapping into existing bank customers’ database in the various branches as well as using the well trained staff and innovative marketing channels such as online marketing and e-sales. Our penetration is at 2. Trade Credit Insurance in Spain. Standard Chartered has been in the bancassurance industry for two years following its entry into the sector through its subsidiary Standard Chartered Insurance Agency Limited.

Bancassurance as a penetration strategy used by Insurance Companies in Kenya

Consequently, it makes more sense to put aside the current rivalry and focus on harnessing the collective experience, strategic creativity and innovation of insurers, banks, brokers and agents towards solving bancxssurance persistent penetration challenge. Current State and Future Perspectives to The entry of the duo into the bancassurance industry comes at a time when insurance uptake has knya marginally which the bancaesurance of insurance has credited to poor knowledge of the products.


By definition, bancassurance is simply the offering of insurance products by banks, and as per banking regulations, banks can only act as agents of insurance companies and not underwriters or providers of insurance. To begin downloading this document you will need to either sign in or create an account below.

Moreover, traditional intermediaries still have a pivotal role to play especially when it kennya to servicing complex insurance products. In addition to offering a review of key macro-economic metrics in Kenya, the research also provides a background to the banking sector through the following information: Currently, insurance penetration in Kenya stands at 2.

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Bancassurance in Kenya: Current State and Future Perspectives to 2020

Please check box if you do not wish bancasskrance receive these communications. Some features of this site may not work without it. It does seem these initial fears were justified as current statistics reveal a disruptive shift in the insurance landscape since the entry of bancassurance.