No Dt Service regulations of. APSEB. No Dt and. No Dt APSEB pension rules. to APSEB. (Revised) Conduct Regulations -Orders -Issued. -~ ~~-~-~~-~-~ in the service All Deputy General Managers/P&G Services/SPDCL/Tirupati. APSPDCL -APSEB Leave Regulations as adopted by APSPDCL -Grant of Maternity in exercise of the powers referred to in Regulation 41 of APSEB Service.

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It has been provided to assist the Subordinate More information. The regulationns industry is mostly dominated by the players More information. In Surath Chandra’s case supra the facts were stated by the Supreme Court as follows: On September 16, interim suspension of the impugned orders was granted, pending further orders in the W.

Labour Department, Haryana Transparent Inspection Policy The Labour Department Haryana implements various provisions related to safety, health, welfare and other conditions of employment under various. Scrutiny and adoption of G.

His case was not that he was granted leave from October 11, Thus his absence with regulatione from October 11, and beyond October 11, is continuous unauthorised absence in terms of Reg. He has made no representation nor submitted leave application till September 25, His own leave applications admit that he was continuously absent from duty for more regulatons one year from October 11, So tested, we find no failure of justice.

In the light of the above facts, I request to kindly post me early to indoor duties or if it is not possible, I may be permitted to make a further representation on all the grounds raised. Delegation of powers to Addl.

Apseb service regulations part iii republican

Log In India UK. You have reach your max limit. E diploma qualification subject to apesb of two years and six months shall be taken in to account for all categories. The medical certificate is dated February 10, of Karampudi indicating that the accused needs rest for six months from October 11, to March 31, and the copy of the prescription is dated February 11, of Guntur.


Electricpoints – Source of Power: APSEB Service Regulations Part II

No Case or Topic can be added. This judgement has not been cited yet. Functions Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals. In the counter affidavit filed on behalf of the respondents, it is stated that the impugned orders were passed after giving full opportunity to the petitioner and after reggulations enquiry as sought by him.

The writ Petition was admitted on July 8, and notice was ordered in W. The medical certificates produced by me certify the same. State of West Bengal I-LLJ that charges involving consequences of termination of service reuglations be specific, though a departmental enquiry is not like a criminal trial as was noted by this Court in the case of State of Andhra Pradesh v.

We will seek to develop a business culture that reflects More information. Except to the extent indicated above, the Writ Petition is dismissed.

Apseb service regulations part iii republican can

I have posted my leave application dated October 10, from Macherla on October 11, Petitioner’s appeal to the 1st respondent was dismissed under the impugned Memo dated March 25, Under Section of the Income Tax Acttax to be deducted at.

This constitutes misconduct under Reg. Board from October 11, F. He has committed a grave irregularity in having left his place of work Macheria to Guntur without approval of competent authority and abstained himself with effect from October 11, and continued his unauthorised absence exceeding one year beyond October regulationss, In Memo dated October 27, the 2nd respondent observed as follows: To the extent that aspeb chapter does not have bylaws or operational.

Registration Of Trade Unions.


Hence, your absence from May 4, F. Supreme Court Of India14 Dec He has also not questioned this part of the order in the affidavit and the relief sought by him is only a declaration that “the action of the 2nd respondent in imposing the eegulations against the petitioner by way of disciplinary action which is confirmed by the 1st respondent.

To the extent that a chapter does not have bylaws or regulatipns More information. Finally, under the impugned Memo dated April 10, the 2nd respondent, insofar as it is relevant for the present Writ Petition, held as follows: Mechanism to monitor compliance with employment law in outsourced operations More information.

March 25, shows that he considered the various contentions raised by the petitioner in the appeal and, in the result, he did not see any reason to interfere with the order passed by the regulatuons respondent.


We do not find any merit in this contention. The next contention urged by Mr. The petitioner was working ergulations Additional Assistant Engineer at the relevant time. Keeping in view the factual matrix of the present case and the above observations of the Supreme Court, it is not possible for us to hold that the petitioner did not have fair and adequate opportunity or that the principles of natural justice are violated.

As submitted in several applications, I could not apply leave in advance due to sickness and sudden unconsciousness only. What is automatic plan sanction APS? This objection of the learned Counsel for the petitioner, therefore, falls flat.