Abrasive jet machining (AJM) utilizes a high velocity jet of abrasives to remove material from work surface by impact erosion. Get an overview of AJM process. AJM Advantages: This process is significant for machining breakable, heat resistant materials like ceramic, glass, germanium, mica etc. components of abrasive jet machining Abrasive delivery system . Abrasive Jet Machining In AJM, generally, the abrasive particles of around.

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The feed motion can be given either to the work holding device or to the nozzle. In the mixing chamber, the abrasive is allowed to flow into the gas stream. The following are some of the machijing that can be performed using Abrasive Jet Machining: However, pure oxygen is not used as it can quickly oxidize the work surface.

Metal removal rate is low In certain circumstances, abrasive particles might settle over the workpiece. However, various accessories including pipeline must be capable enough to handle such high pressure without failure.

Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) – Process, Parameters, Equipment, MRR

Effects of impingement angle on AJM performance. Compare various types of abrasives used in AJM process. Views Read Edit View history. However, variation in size in the entire volume should be low otherwise estimation or assessment will not be accurate.


Types of patterns used in Casting Process. The macuining jet is obtained by accelerating fine abrasive particles in highly pressurized gas carrier gas. Larger angle tends to create deeper penetration, while smaller angle tends to increase machining area. Can u help me here? Subscribe in a reader. The contents of this article are listed below:.

Abrasive blasting Industrial processes Machining. Labels Automobile Engineering 24 Biomass 5 Boiling heat transfer 7 energy 40 energy sources 27 engineering materials.

The process makes use of an abrasive machibing with high velocity, to remove material and provide smooth surface finish to hard metallic workpieces.

Abrasive Jet Machining – Process, Parameters, Equipment, MRR

Effects of abrasives on abrasive jet machining performance. Such abrasives must possess few basic properties for efficient removal of material as well as to get desired quality of cut. Inner diameter of the nozzle is paramount parameter as it determines final velocity and cross-sectional area of the jet for certain gas pressure.

Sometime commercially pure carbon di-oxide and nitrogen are also used to harness better performance for a particular purpose.

Dry air or gas is filtered and compressed by passing it through the filter and compressor. For machibing good understanding of construction and working of AJM, refer the schematic diagram above. There are many factors that can influence abrasive jet machining machinibg.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Deflashing and trimming —Controlled abrasive jet machining can be utilized for removing flash to get desired clean product with higher dimensional accuracy and tolerance as well as sumptuous appearance.


Frequent changing of nozzle is associated with idle time during machining. Mixing ratio can be increased by increasing abrasive percentage and in such case an increasing trend in MRR can be noticed because larger number of abrasives participates in micro-cutting action per unit time. This site uses cookies: Explain its effect on AJM performance.

Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) «

It also facilitates macnining estimation of productivity, delivery time as well as production cost. A nozzle is used to convert this pressure energy into kinetic energy and also sjm direct the jet towards work surface at a particular angle impingement angle.

Work surface cleaning —AJM can be advantageously used for cleaning metallic or ceramic surfaces substrate must be hard. Higher gas pressure reduces jet spreading and thus helps in cutting deeper slots accurately. Finnie ; Some observations on the erosion of ductile metals; Wear; Vol. Normallly inaccessible portion can be machined with good accuracy.