4nec2\exe” folder, in your Word or Wordpad text editor. Other recommended sources for NEC related informations are the Nec-2 and Nec-4 user-manuals and . 4NEC2 is a freeware antenna simulation software program. The program can be used to model an antenna, and then determine through. Antenna Modeling With 4NEC2. Presented to HOTARC. By Craig Weixelbaum. May 22, Basic Modeling Approach using 4Nec2. The goals of this

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In models of those characteristics it is advisable to perform the AGT test see section 7. The Sommerfeld-Norton S-N is the most precise ground model, with the highest computational cost and is the best method to simulate horizontal wires very close to the ground. Results of the average gain test in a 4Nec2 model.

The X axis will be used for the front-to-back direction. It is advisable for the distance between them to be at least several wire diameters as well [Ref. This is useful for computing mutual impedance for example. I used this view to understand my 80m OCF on 40m, 20m, 17m, 12m, and 10m. Using it is like a drug, you can’t quit. It is so good, it should be called 4NEC8!

Some programs may impose conditions in this regard. A spreadsheet also allows initial entry or adjustments after initial entry. It looked complicated, but when I played with it for a while, it is actually pretty simple. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. The 4NEC2 software is now hosted at http: For each case, specifications are provided regarding whether the wires may touch ground or not and in the negative case at which height over ground must be placed.

Using just one of the tests does not ensure that the model will be adequate [Ref. NEC-2 is not adequate to model small size loop antennas perimeter lower than 0. V The data information returns, after running the model, on the main page, antenna efficiency and radiated power relative to fed power.


Daily evolution of the ionosphere. The failure to comply with the rules of design inherent in the NEC-2 algorithm may have a great impact on the simulation results.

EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware*** | QRZ Forums

Variety and Modeling Hazards. 4necc2 install them both. That is, the antenna must radiate all the power provided by the generator [Ref. Geometry of the models. If the model includes 4nev2, it will be located in the XY plane. If you want to change editors you can do that from the main menu options as well. NEC-2 allows to join up to around 30 angularly equispaced wires in the same point [Ref. The wires of a model can touch the perfect ground.

EZNEC free- Poster Child of **Crippleware***

Mxnual the linear elements of the antenna will be represented in the Y axis or in other axes parallel to the Y axis. The segments will have a length Lswhich may be 4enc2 by the user or computed automatically by some of the programs, a process named autosegmentation. Example, for my OCF, if I desire to know the 50 ohm impedance response, then, I specify a ohm characteristic impedance for computing SWR and assume that I have a 4: Its 3D feature really make you see how an antenna works.

In a 4neec2 with several wires, it is advisable not to connect short segments with long segments [Ref. They must be manhal at a height over the ground of at least one fifth of the working wavelength: Restrictions related to the minimum and maximum radius of the wiresas a function of the length of the segments, may be imposed in some programs. If you get an option box asking what type of graph you want, check the “far field option”. In theory, the average gain of a lossless antenna, considering an adequate sampling in all the possible directions of radiation, must be equal to 1.

Take into account that it is not allowed to use generators or loads in the ends of wires in open circuit [Ref. In the references checked, the following rules related to the height of the horizontal wires have been found: The 3d display engine is hands-down superior to anything else I’ve seen. If you want to edit the antenna, press the open book icon to get into the editor. Types of ground and height of the wires.


In this section, manuwl characteristics of the different types of ground available in most programs implementing the NEC-2 algorithm are described.

I used symbolic format. If this rule is not observed, the model probably has defects in the specifications of the generator or maybe the generator is located in the wrong place. In the case of wideband or multiband antennasmake the convergency test only with configurations of number of segments per wire laying within the limits computed in the previous sections.

His work in 4NEC2 will non-the-less continue to serve hams indefinitely. Emergency Communications glossary ESP.

When first starting, after pressing the calculator button, select the far field option in the box which appears. This section shows some advices and rules of design about the characteristics of the generators, loads and transmission lines to be used in the simulations.

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My problem was to get manuap reasonable, low-cost m attic antenna in a crowded urban setting with metal surfaces everywhere. After thousands of optimizer iterations, It looks pretty good. The azimuth angles are measured clockwise from the Y axis towards the X axis. In addition to being a really useful tool, it is fun to watch the 3-D display morph as the optimizer steps through the design possibilities. This program is just awesome for experimenting with antennas in software.

Nevertheless, if a model is already precise enough, an increase of the segment density will not provide further improvements.